Oil Your Way to a Cleaner Home

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Maybe we are the revival of a post grunge, uber sophisticated uninhibited culture. But then, there are some things for which mother nature has got the best solutions. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning their home. For some of us, even if we do enjoy it, the cleaning agents tend to irritate our skin due to their caustic nature. But, borrowing a page from eco-sensitivity, we can now clean our home in a safe, efficient and user friendly manner.

In this post, we have laid out a few oils you can use in your aim to clean your place. All of the suggested oils are easily and readily available online. In fact, major sites like Target.com can deliver these oils in a couple of days to you and always have stock. You can also ensure quality in the oils with the precise description given on the site.

Here is our list of oils that are used by many for various aspects of cleaning:

For the Garden: Neem Oil

Neem is a super power all by itself. Every part of the tree is usable and has multiple uses. In ancient Indian texts, it is believed that the neem is the one tree that absorbs a high amount of sunlight. Thereby, using it in our daily life, we can include the goodness of the sun transformed by the tree for better living. Neem oil is a sticky, viscous and smelly oil. It can be used for household chores but most people find the smell  overpoweringly bitter.

The best place to use neem oil is for the garden. It acts as a natural pesticide. Mix a couple of drops of the oil in water and use it on your plants. Ensure that you wash the leaves of a plant with the oil and water mixture as this proves to be very supportive of the growth of a plant, especially young plants. Note of caution while using neem oil: it is extremely powerful. Don’t overdo its usage with plants. You can use the oil in the water for plants once a week and twice initially.

For the Toilet: Any Essential Oil you Like

This one is an oldie but goodie. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the toilet tank. This acts as a natural fragrance bar. Add a few drops in to the side which is relatively free of equipment. Some of these essential oils can also be used to remove stains, kill germs and keep the toilet bowl looking clean. One such essential oil is that of lemon. With consistent use, lemon essential oil will brighten your toilet thus taking down one more chore off your list. Also, it is one of the most powerful essential oils fragrance wise. You will find the scent of this oil lasts a very long time and helps mask unpleasant smells. Not to mention, it’s terribly cost effective.

For the Floor: Eucalyptus Oil

This oil has tremendous abilities. Because of its natural properties, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is also used to clear respiratory problems by inhaling the essence in boiling water or by just rubbing it into the chest. (note: while there are concentrated versions of this oil, most kinds can be used directly upon the skin. Please consider doing a patch test before actually using the oil topically).

It helps massively in repelling insects, especially mosquitoes. Moreover, it deodorizes and can help make your house very fragrant. It protects tiles and woods flooring alike by preventing the formation of mildew. It dries quickly on the floor and leaves a smooth, shiny finish to it.

All you need to do is add a half cap of oil (this may vary with the potency of the oil. Please consider your floors and act accordingly) in 1 gallon of water. It helps if you use warm water to clean. Use this water to swab your place and see it glow with health.  If you can’t handle the fragrance of this oil, you can add citronella oil to the mix and enjoy a warm lemongrass-y fragrance at your place.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Soon, you will be able to discover and harness the awesome potential of essential oils to not only bring down the toxicity we face on a daily basis but also to promote a healthy life.

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Winter Cleaning: Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved

child sweeping It’s fast approaching Christmas and it’s also time for that dreaded big winter clean-up. There’s no getting
away from it; every season seems to bring about a quarterly review of the household, and that could also mean that you have a big clean to do, every three months. The question is: are you resigned to this job to undertake yourself? Maybe it’s time to put your cunning to the test and rope the whole
family in on this winter’s clean. And here some basic tips on how to do it without creating more chaos.

The best way to do things is to try your best to make them fun. This is no easy task – brain surgery might actually be easier in most cases (we all know that tidying is rarely fun), so you’ll have to think outside of the box, and tailor the fun and potential rewards to you would-be team of cleaners.

You need to do a quick inventory of what the job will actually involve. Here’s a quick checklist to aid your initial task:

Are you utilizing storage and cupboard space well?
Is the house full of clutter?
As a household, are we guilty of hoarding?
What are our plans over the winter period?

You might be able to guess what I’m about to say, but here goes: clutter is the route of all messy households. There’s a distinct possibility that Christmas will create allot more need for extra storage space. That means out with the unused to make space for the new. Your old clothes and items would make someone very happy so give as much as you can to your local charity shop.

Now it’s time to lure them in.  It’s important to appeal to your children’s – and spouse’s – sensibilities. Bribery might work but ensure that this doesn’t involve anything that will cost you money. Make sure that everyone is free and get your plan underway. Like most things in life, tasks are much easier if you make the people involved feel like they have some ownership of the task. Give your little one’s elaborate titles, and put them in charge of their own rooms. Entertain the idea that they need to make space for potential new toys, and that giving older, unused toys would help other children out this Christmas.

A sweet and treat allowance could be suggested, but ultimately approved by them. A larger treat for the end of the task might be an idea as it gives them a goal to work towards. Put their favourite music on to keep their spirits high and a few breaks to keep the energy levels up; remember – you’ll also need a rest-bite here and there.

Most of all – try to enjoy the process. A chore is only a chore if it is done in a negative way. After the big tidy comes the best part: decorating the tree. Hopefully you won’t have started this until you’ve had the big clean-up!

Getting everyone involved will help to speed up the process, and in a strange way, have fun with the whole family. I wish you luck in your task ahead.

Biography Paragraph:  Whatever way you clean you can utilize some professional help with your local man and van service. They offer a range of services as well as their man and van service, like storage for items you want to keep but don’t have enough space, maintenance and repairs, and many more. Some jobs are better left to the professionals to ensure they are done safely and efficiently.







Green Cleaning

woman doing housekeeping When I was a young house keeper, I cleaned with whatever worked. I knew some of the products were harsh, but hey, they worked.

I even did something really stupid once that caused me life long health problems. I cleaned a bathroom with a combination of bleach and a product that had ammonia as one of it’s ingredients. That can be lethal and it has caused me  problems ever since. I was young. I was stupid.

The older I get, the more I notice that some cleaners sold at stores  effect my health in a negative way. It makes me worry for my little granddaughter who is here with me most of the time. It also makes me worry for the environment.

I now try to find green cleaners to use in place of the harsh cleaners I have used in the past. And for the most part, the ones I use work as well or better as their harsher counterparts.

We are exposed to so many toxins every day, it’s no wonder so many of us are developing sensitivities to them. Many of the toxins are things we can’t control. Fortunately what we use to clean with is something we can control.

There are cleaners you can make yourself but fortunately there are non toxic earth friendly cleaners you can buy too. Just be sure to read the labels and avoid anything with strange sounding words or chlorine, ammonia, and dyes.

There are a lot of new cleaners on the market but a good old fashioned cleaner you can by is Bon Ami.

Some of my favorite cleaners that I make are:

  • Lemon juice mixed with a little Borax to clean toilet bowls.
  • White vinegar is great for cleaning and deodorizing a lot of things, including deodorizing your laundry.
  • Add one part  water to one part white vinegar to clean counter tops, and appliances.
  • Rubbing alcohol does a great job on glass surfaces, mirrors, and faucets.
  • For a great hardwood floor cleaner, mix 1 tablespoon Castile Soap, 3 cups water and 3 cups of white vinegar together.
  • Baking soda is great for neutralizing smells so you can use it in diaper pails, on your carpets instead of commercial carpet deodorizers, and cat boxes.
  • For soap scum in your bathroom, spray first with your white vinegar/water solution and then use baking soda as a mild abrasive to scrub the scum away.
  • Mayonnaise will get rid of water marks on wood furniture. Just rub some into the stain and leave on over night. The next morning, wipe it away.
  • 1 part of lemon juice to 2 parts of olive oil makes a great furniture polish.

I know there are plenty other homemade green cleaners and store bought green cleaners available too.  I haven’t actually bought very many commercial green cleaners so if anyone has any good recommendations for some, I’d love to know what you use and like.


Get Rid of Musty Smelling Laundry

quick tip

A few weeks ago, I noticed a really musty smelling odor in my house. I figured out what it was . It was coming from my washing machine, Of course it was right before I went on vacation and I had already washed all my clothes I was taking and even had my bag packed. I threw a few fabric softener cloths into my bag and that helped some.

But what to do about the musty smelling washer. I pulled out my trusty gallon jug of white vinegar. I started the washer on the largest load and hot setting. I poured a few cups of the vinegar into the washer and poured some in the place where you pour fabric softener and where you pour bleach. I let the washer fill up with water and then stopped it for about and hour. Then I finished running it through all the cycles.

No more musty smell!

You may be worried that the vinegar will make everything smell like vinegar but it doesn’t. The vinegar smell disappears.