100 Things that I Love

I often listen to podcasts on my iphone when I clean. It helps to make a boring job more fun.

A few days ago, I was listening to “The Women’s Transformation” by Kimberly Wilborn (you can find it on itunes) and she said to feel more grateful and to attract more good things in her life, she made a list of 100 things that she loved. It helps her dwell on the good things in her life instead of the bad.

I love that idea! I have often kept a gratitude journal where I list 5 things I am grateful for before going to bed. This has been one of the best ways I have been able to change my disposition from Negative Nellie to Positive Polly over the years.

So I decided to list my 100 things that I love. It may be boring for y’all to read all 100 but it may help you to think about your making own list of 100 things. Then when you are feeling down, read over your list for an instant mood boost!

It took me weeks to come up with this list. When I would think of something, I’d jot a note down in my phone for later. The last 30 things were tough to come up with.

I don’t know if Kimberly added people to her list. After all, they aren’t things. But I’m adding them to my list.

100 Things I Love

  1. My kids: Shannon,
  2. April and
  3. Ryan. I’m so grateful I have such a good relationship with them as adults. They are great kids if I say so myself!
  4. My little granddaughter MayMay who keeps me young.
  5. My best friends: Donna and
  6. Joanie.
  7. My sister Barbie.
  8. My Keurig coffee maker. Love my coffee!
  9. My cute yellow Volkswagon Beetle “Buttercup”.
  10. Sitting on my back yard deck early morning and/or early evening.
  11. My bed. Love my foam mattress!
  12. My favorite show: The Walking Dead.
  13. My second favorite TV show: Grimm.
  14. My dogs: Joey,
  15. Buddy,
  16. Roxy and
  17. Kilo.
  18. My dwarf rabbit: BunBun.
  19. My relatively new (7 months) huge refrigerator. I have yet to run out of room in it.
  20. Other TV shows I like: Fact or Faked,
  21. Big Bang Theory,
  22. 2 Broke Girls,
  23. Person of Interest,
  24. Criminal Minds,
  25. Celebrity Ghost Stories,
  26. the old Twilight Zone series.
  27. My favorite iphone games: Slingo,
  28. Words with Friends and
  29. Scramble with Friends.
  30. The freedom of working from home.
  31. My businesses. So much better working for myself.
  32. My lap top.
  33. Living near the ocean.
  34. Being near the water (not just the ocean). I love being near ponds, lakes, whatever. Water has a soothing effect on me.
  35. Walking on the beach in the off season when few people are on it.
  36. My Kindle Fire,
  37. Reading in general. I love to read.
  38. Speaking of reading, I love reading blogs, books, magazines and just about anything I can find.
  39. Health insurance. After living 4 years without it, I really appreciate having it!
  40. My neighborhood. Although it’s not perfect, it’s a nice, safe middle class neighborhood with great parks, lakes and walking trails.
  41. My monthly Bunco game. I have been playing this for 3 years now and love it.
  42. Flowers! I try to keep a fresh bouquet on my dining room table.
  43. The internet.
  44. Sunshine
  45. Spring time
  46. Autumn
  47. My house. Although it needs work and isn’t the best floor plan, it’s comfortable and I’m happy here.
  48. My iphone. What did I ever do without it.
  49. My vanity table. I wished I could have gotten one of my grandmother’s since I always wanted one. I finally bought one at Value City Furniture and I use it everyday.
  50. This blog!
  51.  Ice cream!
  52. My health! Never take it for granted.
  53. Christmas
  54. Doing crafts.
  55. Amazon.  I probably buy more there than anywhere else. My favorite online store.
  56. Disney World. Love, love love that place. I have only been there twice. First time was when I was a kid and it first opened in 1971. Second time was a few weeks ago. I shall return!
  57. Steak. Grilled, medium rare. Yum!
  58. The color pink.
  59. My set of stainless steel pots and pans. So pretty and I love cooking in them.
  60. Organizing. Not the act of organizing but I love the feel after I have organized a drawer or shelf. Just wish I could keep it that way.
  61. For that matter, although I hate cleaning, I love being in a clean house. It makes me feel peaceful.
  62. Being alive. The older I get, the more I realize how precious life is. I love every minute of it!
  63. Vacations and
  64. Travel in general.
  65. Speaking of travel, I love taking off in an airplane. But not landing so much (hurts my sinuses).
  66. Listening to Cicadas on a hot summer’s day.
  67. Listening to crickets as I;m going to sleep.
  68. The smell on Thanksgiving Day of the turkey roasting.
  69. Listening to birds sing when I wake up in the morning.
  70. Lady Bugs! They are just so cute.
  71. Butterflies! What a beautiful gift they are to watch.
  72. Watching movies. Preferably in the theater but at home too, it’s just fun to lose yourself in them.
  73. Beads. It’s one of my favorite things to craft with and I just love all of the colors and textures of them,
  74. Aquarium. There is something so zen like just watching fish in an aquarium.
  75. Having a heart to heart talk with a friend.
  76. The internet. Hard to believe most of us didn’t even have a computer 20 years ago.
  77. Old Alfred Hitchcock movies. My favorite is Rear Window.
  78. Soaking in a hot bath.
  79. Miniatures. There is something about tiny things that have always fascinated me.
  80. Dreaming. But only when the dreams are good.
  81. The high you get when something good happens to you.
  82. The Georgia mountains. I’d love to live there.
  83. Listening to podcasts.
  84. Speaking of podcasts, my favorites are: We’re Alive and
  85. the ones on Geek Cast and
  86. Solo Smarts
  87. Reading blogs.
  88. Speaking of blogs, my favorites are Cozy Little House ,
  89. Chickens in the Road,
  90. Just Between You and Me
  91. Stick Horse Cowgirls
  92. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
  93. Tiffany Dow’s blog
  94. Holy Cuteness
  95. LOL dogs-I has a hotdog
  96. Learning. I love learning new things.
  97. Getting 8 hours of sleep and waking up feeling great.
  98. Front porches! I love them but don’t have one on my house 🙁
  99. Eating fresh veggies and fruit in the summer (corn, peaches, strawberries). Yum!
  100. This stage in my life. I’m old enough to be comfortable in my own skin but young enough to still enjoy life.






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