4 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

4 Creative Uses for Mason JarsWhether you need charming home decor inspiration or cute gifts for a bridal shower, just reach for a mason jar. They’re endlessly useful!

Fancy Drinks

Stay hydrated during the summertime, and make drinking a refreshing experience by using mason jars as your glasses. Vintage mason jars create that retro feel reminiscent of lazy Sunday afternoons relaxing on a porch swing. Whether you’re mixing up a fruity refresher to sip on while flipping through Better Homes and Gardens or playing bartender for a summer evening soiree, mason jars sweeten the experience. Add sliced cucumber or frozen berries to your iced water. Accent cool ginger ale with sliced strawberries. Put a twist on traditional lemonade with recipes such as Frozen Blueberry Lemonade, Roasted Peach Lemonade, and Blueberry Mint Lemonade. Lemonade with raspberry, strawberry, peach or mango-flavored iced cubes are also a hit. Don’t forget to garnish with a pieces of fruit or striped straws.

Strawberry lemonade in a mason jar

Strawberry lemonade in a mason jar photo from Flickr user Wendy / twodolla.

Rustic Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Create a decorative focal point in your kitchen or dining room by crafting a custom mason jar light fixture. The Cheney’s House to Home blog built a charming mason jar chandelier using DIY ingenuity and electrical expertise. Tools include a drill, wire stripper, wire nuts and screw driver. Supplies include keyless sockets, a canopy and lamp wire. Don’t forget three vintage mason jars too. With a little bit of wiring and light bulb installation, you’ll design a homemade light fixture. Create a canopy of varying lengths and mount to the ceiling. Illumination from the mason jars will give your home that farmhouse coziness and retro ambience.
Mason jar light fixtures photo from Flickr user Alan Levine / cogdogblog.

Mason jar light fixtures

Flower Vase

Adorn those open, bare spaces in your home with an array of flower arrangements that will color your kitchen and decorate your living room. Collect a variety of jars in different sizes, including mason, jelly, apothecary, and wire bale glass jars. Use the various jars as vases for flowers, and group the jars together as a coffee table centerpiece or fireplace mantle decor. To design an eye-catching floral display, arrange five different jars each filled with colorful flowers of varying lengths. Place a couple jar-vases on a stack of books. Also, if you’re in need of whimsical bridal or baby shower favor ideas, go for floral decor. Arrangements of flowers, daisies and baby’s breath in single blue Ball Perfect Mason Canning Jar are charming accents for a bridal luncheon or baby shower. Then give the flowers to guests as favors.

Mason jar vases
Mason jar vases photo from Flickr user Jinx!

Decadent Desserts

As if dessert isn’t wonderful enough by itself, put it in a mason jar. Serve Neapolitan ice cream with chocolate syrup, gelato or classic ice cream sundaes in mason jars as a cool summertime treat for dinner guests. Desserts in jars also make great birthday, hostess or thank you gifts. Involve the kids while making Jell-O lemon pudding and whipping up the meringue for Lemon Meringue Pie — in a jar. Kids will also love to help bake red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting — in a jar. Other “in a jar” dessert ideas include chocolate mousse, strawberry cheesecake and carrot cake. Tie a disposable wooden spoon to each jar with ribbon, make a homemade label for its lid and you’ve made a delicious gift for any occasion.

 Chocolate parfait


Chocolate parfait photo from Flickr user Andrea Goh.
Cover photo of mason jar party favors from Flickr user Janet / Kid’s Birthday Parties.

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