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4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

home security

How safe are you in your home? That is a question that plagues many people’s’ minds. Do you ever feel paranoid that locking your doors is barely enough protection? Well, you don’t have to sweat it when you have top-notch security systems for your home.

Technology has been an asset in home security. The introduction of smart home devices that improve your safety is a significant milestone. High-end security systems and the best app for emergency situations will help you feel safe, but at the same time, they’ll cost you.

Now, if you’re looking for home security that doesn’t dig too deep into your pockets, many available options work. Besides, the versatility of modern security systems is also a factor to consider.

With many of the security systems being automated and controllable today, it is easier to control your entire home security system from an app on your phone, anywhere in the world.

That said, how do you improve your home’s security?

  1.    Replace any doors with glass near the handle

As you’ve seen in movies, burglars break in easier when there’s glass near the door handle. It is easy to break the glass and open your door. That is very easy to overlook a thing, but it will work wonders to help improve the security of your home.

  1.    Motion activated lights

Installing motion activated lights in your home helps keep you safer. In essence, motion activated lights are a dead giveaway should anyone trespass or break into your home.

However, motion activated lights are active during the night since it’s hard to tell when lights switch on during the day.

III.    Decal decoys

Do you know you can make the security of your home better without actually buying any security systems in your home? While this may be risky, it is also a smart way to save.

Essentially, decal decoys are false security systems that make your home seem impenetrable. For instance, having dummy cameras can keep burglars away.

  1.    Don’t advertise your absence

It is straightforward to get carried away while on vacation and post pictures of where you are all over social media. That can be a threat to your home security in that; you let people know of your absence. Don’t let people know that no one is home. If you’re taking your family away, have a house sitter in addition to your home security system.

Remember, your home security requires you to be smart about it. Installing the latest security systems won’t better your home security if you don’t:

  •    Conceal valuables, leaving them on display is like getting breadcrumbs for burglars.
  •    Do away with the under the matt key. It is increasingly unsafe to hide the house key under

flower pots, stones, and the welcome mat.

  •    Install lights out back, all the dark corners and sides should have lighting to make it easier to spot intruders as well as discourage them from coming into your compound.


Your home should be the safest place to be at all times. Investing in excellent security for your home is paramount to keeping your family safe. Therefore, finding better ways to improve safety is imperative.

The future of home security keeps growing, and with changing times, better systems are coming meaning that you’ll get improved systems soon.

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