5 Easy Steps to a Tidier Home

cleaning furnitureHaving to maintain the perfect, cosy, welcoming home can often prove more stressful than having a so-called “real job.” Particularly for those who stay at home and have children to consider, it is often said that the days’ work is never done.

With that in mind, we put together five key ideas that, when implemented, will make your life easier and give you some respite from your seemingly never-ending tasks.

1. Get Into A Routine

Although this sounds like an obvious one, it is often how you order your routine that will get you motivated and see the best results. Try and order your day so you can get the nastiest jobs out of the way first, so you can relax and look forward to the day ahead. If you dislike everything you have to do, then you may be a little stuck at this point.

2. Involve Children

As a parent, tidying up after children can be very frustrating as well as time consuming. Add to this the earache you inevitably get when there is something they cannot find because you committed the cardinal sin of tidying their room, and you begin to wonder if your efforts are worth it.

With that in mind, involve the children as much as you can around the house, but especially with regard to their own rooms. Be careful of giving overly generous incentives however, as you could face a problem when you take them away.

3. Cook Smarter

Making the full use of a slow cooker will reduce the time you need to spend preparing and cooking meals, and also means you do not need worry so much about everyone being in the house at the same time. This can be especially useful if you or your partner is working late, or one child is attending a pre-school club.

4. Make Time For You Throughout The Day

Whether it is leaving the house for an hour for a walk around town and a cup of coffee, or just some time to relax and watch your favourite daytime television show, having some “me time” is very important. While building your routine, try and look for ways to incorporate a break into it. If you know your morning routine takes you up to 11am, and your favourite program begins just after, then you have the perfect opportunity.

5. Relax

Whatever we do for a living, the failure to relax is what makes us erratic and careless in what we do. It is easy to get overly neurotic or worried about what is going on around the home, however it is more important to take a relaxed, positive outlook towards what we are doing, and understand that we are not failures if we do not tick every box every single day.

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to a Tidier Home

  1. Getting the kids involved can be very useful indeed. This is a very good idea and I should definitely suggest it to my sister. Although I have a little doubt whether my nephews are going to be to keen on the idea to do some chores around the house. They’re a bit spoilt.

  2. Yeah it’s best to start young with getting them to help, when they actually want to help. Then it’s just habit as they get older.

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