5 of the Most Famous Mothers in the World

Mother Teresa

Here’s our second post in honor of moms. Just a few famous ones and what the power of women can accomplish!

Women have come a long way from how they were several decades, and even centuries, ago. They have taken control of their lives and have achieved numerous successes despite prejudices and several generations’ worth of misunderstandings. They have made and still continue to make their mark in the world just as their male counterparts have. In fact, here are 5 of the most famous mothers in the world that have proved the real worth of women.

Josephine Baker

After running away from home, she started performing as a dancer at an early age. With her talent in entertainment, she became popular in France and in other parts of Europe. By the time World War II ravaged the countries, she was working with the Red Cross while gathering intelligence for the French resistance. When the war ended, she and her second husband adopted a dozen children from around the world, turning her own place into a World Village, or a showplace for brotherhood. A mother gifted with a strong sense of equality, she fought for acceptance and racial equality, even earning a space beside Martin Luther King Jr.

Mother Teresa

One of the most famous mothers in the world, Mother Teresa is considered a living saint for her selfless service to the poor of Calcutta, the lepers and many others. An embodiment of limitless compassion and understanding, she has lived the life of a mother gifted with constant sacrifices, never ending service and unconditional love for others.

Marie Curie

A mother gifted with intelligence and unparalleled dedication to science, Marie Curie is the only person to have received two Nobel prizes in two different fields. She was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, a physicist and a chemist. She and her husband died as a result of their dedication to discovery and the pursuit of greater knowledge.

Queen Elizabeth – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Once the mother of England, and still a constant model of strength for women, Queen Elizabeth (or Queen Mother) is a symbol of courage and independence. A  mother gifted with a very strong will, she became an inspiration to a lot of her subjects as she stood by her people even during times of war, even refusing to leave the palace despite enduring siege.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Known as the ‘Mother of Feminism’ or the ‘First Feminist’, Mary Wollstonecraft initiated the concept of equality between men and women. In a world of tyranny and oppression, she gave voice and hope to the women in the world.

Hope this has inspired you moms! You can do anything!





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