5 Free Things for Young Kids

Well I don’t know about how it is in your neck of the woods, but summer is definitely here. In my area, unless you are swimming, it’s usually too hot to play outside much. Unless of course, you do it in the early morning or early evening. Of course then, you deal with those pesty mosquitoes.

If you have young children, you may be wondering what to do to entertain them. I watch my 2 year grand daughter and have had this dilemma myself.

Barnes and Noble Online Story Time


The link above will take you to Barnes and Noble’s site where they will read kids’ story books to you. My grand daughter loves it!

This really helps me out when I needed to get some work done. I set her up with this site on my ipad while I do some work on my computer. I like that the story books go from one story to another without you having to do anything.

You Tube

Speaking of online stuff, we all know there is some not so kid friendly stuff on You Tube. But you can subscribe to kids channels on there.

I have these set up on my ipad so my granddaughter just pushes the  button and all her videos pop up and play automatically. Our favorite channels are Veggie Tales and Sesame Street. You can check them out below:



Kindergarten Number Writing Sheets

Kindergarten Number Writing Worksheets

This may is more for preschoolers than toddlers but my granddaughter at 2 is still considered a toddler and she’s showing a lot of interest in writing. So I printed out these number sheets for her and they are great!

Particularly a good way for kids who are going to be starting kindergarten in the Fall to get some practice

Free Stuff For Kids


This site is  great for finding some great printables and stuff for kids. Take a minute and check it out.

Bowling For Kids


Great for kids of all ages, you can sign up to get your kids a ticket to bowl free everyday in the summer.

Your Local Library

I already gave you 5 but here’s a bonus.

My granddaughter’s other grandmother is a librarian and turned me on to this. I bet  you can find the same thing in your area.

In the summer, our local library offers something almost everyday for kids. They offer story times, craft days, movies and more.

Also during the rest of the year they have a preschool class once a week. This has been an awesome way for my granddaughter to get the feel of what school will be like and she adores it. The classes are separated by ages and start from age 1 and go to age 5.

How great to have a free preschool alternative! My only complaint is it’s only one day a week.

Do y’all have any recommendations for how to keep kids entertained? I’d love to hear them!





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