5 Things to Know About Pruning Your Trees

woman pruning tree  Trees are vital when it comes to consuming toxins from the air; thus, people are safe from exposure to certain diseases. It is essential for tree owners to take good care of their trees from when they are still young.

One way to ensure that trees grow correctly is through pruning. As much as it involves cutting of some parts of the plant, it is an essential activity to aid in its proper growth. The following includes some of the things you should know about pruning your trees.

1. It changes its appearance

As plants grow, you will notice that weird branches and twigs develop from the main branch. Some of them worsen the beauty of the tree, hence ugly. For instance, you will see changes in the shape and size of the tree, which have a massive impact on the tree’s growth.

Pruning involves cutting off these twigs and branches. As you do this, it maintains its shape and continues to grow in its appropriate direction. You will also remain with the healthy leaves and branches, which ensure that the tree enhances the environment around it.

2. Pruning should begin when the plant is young

Pruning should be constant. Most people ignore the plant and only start to prune it only when it matures. However, you are limiting its development if you just wait for it to be more prominent. The best and most appropriate time to start cutting off unnecessary parts is when it is still young.

At this time, the plant is most active because it captures every opportunity that promotes its growth. For example, as you deal with these branches, it creates more space for receiving air.

3. Maximizes growth

When you have many branches, then the plant has to divide the water among all those parts. Thus, development is quite slow.

You might feel bad when you are cutting down the tree, but you are doing the tree and yourself a big favour. When you reduce it, then the water will only go to the essential areas. It then accelerates growth.

It also poses a considerable benefit to the leaves because they will receive enough sunlight to provide carbon (IV) oxide, which is an ingredient for synthesising food.

4. It protects people and their property

When the tree starts to overgrow, you pose a high risk to people and their property. Think of a tree that reaches to the roof of your house, or one that touches overhead wires. If anything like a strong wind blows the tree, then the branch cuts loose, and the cables fall.

The tree ceases to be a hazard when you prune it.

5. Protect it against diseases and pests

Sometimes pests and illnesses infest the trees. It only starts with a single branch then spreads to other regions of the same tree. You just need to eliminate those branches once you notice any signs of infestations on them. Remember that diseases and pests limit the plant’s development.


It is difficult to prune a big tree alone. If you need any help with this, then contact the best pruning company, Houston Tree Pro. This is a service provider who owns excellent facilities, which aid in cutting down and maintaining trees.

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