5 Things to Look at When Choosing a Rug

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Before you buy the perfect rug for your home, there are some important things to consider. First of all, bear in mind that the place where the rug will be placed affects your choice. You cannot use a bedroom rug in the living room. Likewise, you cannot use bathroom rugs in the dining area. There are five things to consider while you choose a rug.


The size you want to buy depends on the area you want to cover. If you are going for wall-to-wall covering, measure the entire area to be covered. Large areas look good with wall-to-wall covering. Smaller rooms tend to look more cluttered and less spacious. Keep this in mind.


Select a shape that matches the architecture of the house. Of your home has inclined and curvy walls, get something to match it. For example, triangular rugs look amazing. There are latest and new designs available in the market. What is the point with getting a rug that won?t attract the attention of your guests? There is a variety of options in shapes you can get. There are circular rugs, square, triangular, rectangular, an oval shapes available.


The color of the rug is very important. It must match the furniture. Interior designers emphasize that some colors make the area look bright and fresh, while others don?t. It depends on what look you want for your bedroom, living room and other areas. If you are buying a rug for the living room, get colors like cream white, red, maroon or gray. These colors bring a sophisticated look to the living room. Bottom-line; make sure it matches the curtains and sofas.


There are some patterns that make the area look confused. Some patterns look spacious and classy. Avoid going for patterns that look cluttered and messy. Instead pick patterns that are pleasing to the eyes. Besides, it is important that the pattern matches the pattern on the furniture. If you have sofas with flowers and branches, get a rug with spaced-out patterns. This will keep both the furniture and the rug in perspective.

Wave or Texture

There are rugs with extra waves (fur) that make it look soft and attractive. There are other kinds of textures like velvet fabric. These bring a flattened but gentle touch to the floor of the area. Similarly, there are other textures that are more cultural and artistic. They show quality, richness and display contrasted aesthetics to the interior of the home.
The rug is an important accessory that tells a lot about the people living in the house. It can impact the appearance of the lights, windows, tables and chairs in the area. Therefore, when you go shopping, choose a rug that complements every other piece of furniture in the area.

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  1. Great post! I just found a rug today that I fell in love with and now after reading this I want it even more.
    Hopefully no one else snapped it up before I can get back there. lol
    Thanks for all the good advice

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