5 Time Management Tips for Moms


My last time management article got such positive feedback, I decided to add some more tips for you. Enjoy!

It’s quite possible that if the world’s moms were polled about what they would like to change most in relation to their children, it would be how to manage time.
It can be tricky even if you’re a stay at home mom. Kids, especially toddlers, can be demanding, but you still have to do all these other things. What can you do to manage time better?

1.    Have a to-do list. On it, write what needs to get done tomorrow. You can do it as the last thing in the kitchen before you go off to bed at night. Many times, we lose time because we move from task to task without a plan.

2.    Get the family to chip in. Remember, if momma aint happy, nobody’s happy. If you’re feeling like you’re under too much pressure, ask everyone else to chip in. Otherwise you’ll get irritable and make it harder on yourself and the kids too. Kids can pick up after themselves and your partner can help with chores. As they grow, teach them to participate in the home so that they leave you with more and more free time.

3.    Cook multiple meals at once. If you have to make lunch and then dinner every day, mind the kids, do the laundry, clean the house and everything else every day, you’ll soon buckle under the pressure. Cook and refrigerate lots of food so that all you have to do is warm it.

4.    Wake up 1 hour before your kids do. This is your time to get organized. Take a shower, get dressed and generally get ready so that when they wake you’re available for them and there is less chaos.

5.    You don’t have to clean the whole house every day. Clean vital areas only and then pick a day in the week when you spring clean.
As a mom, when it comes to time management, try not to look for perfection; remember that in a sense, the time that you have is not really yours – your kids steal it all the time. If you find yourself stressed out, ask someone to help you and take some time off. The kids will still love you when you get back.





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