Tips To Maximize Your Child’s Wardrobe During Seasonal Change

kids clothesAlthough it’s still hot in many areas of the country, the seasons are changing and cool weather will be here before we know it.

For us adults, it’s a pretty simple process when we drag out our cold weather clothes and put away the warm weather clothing. We just check to see if it’s in wearable condition and wash or hang it up.

It’s a little more complicated when you have kids. Kids are rough on clothing. And they grow out of it so fast.

Kids can grow several sizes from one year to the next.

And some kids, like mine, are so particular about their wardrobe. My son only wanted to wear jeans and dark t-shirts as a kid. One daughter was a fashion diva, and had to have the latest style. The other daughter only wanted to wear dresses.

Below are some ideas to make planning your child’s wardrobe easier.

Take Inventory

Before going out and buying a completely new wardrobe for your child, take an inventory of what your child has.

If you have more than one child, start with the oldest child first. If you have any kids of the same gender, you can pass down clothes to younger children as long as they are still in good condition. That should help with some of the expense of buying clothes for your kids.

First, go through everything and see what still fits and what is still wearable shape. If it’s stained or torn and can’t be fixed, now is the time to dump it.

Some of the clothes, you can just look at and see it will no longer fit, but others, your kid may need to try on. Depending on the child, this may not be an easy task. It may be time for a little bribery, er encouragement such as a promise of a trip to somewhere fun, when the wardrobe task is finished.

Now, look at what is left. Is there anything in there that is still in good shape but you know your kid will never wear it? Go ahead and put this in a pile to give away. There is no point in hanging it back up or putting it in a drawer if it’s never going to be used. Give it to Good will or to someone who has a child the same size.

Fill in the Gaps

Now, with what clothes that are left, look to see where there are gaps. If there are only 3 pairs of jeans, your child will probably need a few more. Write down what you still need to get your child to make it until next Spring.

If finances are an issue, you can wait awhile on things like a winter coat for a few months. Just get what your child will need for the next several months.

Also if finances are tight, be sure to check out the second hand stores. I have often been able yo find my granddaughter clothes that have never been worn, with the tags still on. Kids grow so fast, sometimes they don’t even get a chance to wear some of their clothes before they grow out of them.

This is something you should do at least 2 times a year and preferably 4 times at the start of every season.


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