5 Tips on Making a Tired Living Space Feel New

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When spaces are lived in day in and day out, the sparkle and allure that once inhabited the space can wear off. Luckily, something as simple as a new flash of colour can brighten things up. Brighter furniture, unusual accessories, art, unique storage solutions and beautiful lighting c an be easy and quick ways to give any tired room an exciting new look.

Some people will start with a focal point; an entertainment unit or fireplace for example, and base their redesign around that. Others choose to create a balanced space that doesn’t draw attention to any one area of the room. If you are unsure of which category you fall into, consult interior design magazines and browse furniture retail websites to see what style of room arrangement catches your eye and gets your creative juices flowing.

household colors

1) Color

We can create different atmospheres in rooms with bright bold colors. Bright furniture works really well with white walls. It is possible to create excellent combinations by varying colors and creating harmony; red furniture can work with oranges and yellows, for example. Take note of the harmonious colors such as wood grain, cream and brown in the above picture. Choosing just the right tone is key to them working together. Blocks of color work as focal points when they have contrasting colors around them like white, black and red. To achieve the middle ground choose just two colors with which to contrast and harmonize. It’s entirely up to the home maker. What colors do your family enjoy?

2) Bright furniture

Placing striking furniture next to neutral pieces makes a bold statement. Rich patterns are also a good contrast with plainer furniture. There are some bits and pieces which literally light up a space. Glowing stools and neon spheres in the form of illuminated furniture fill rooms with colored light and are particularly special touches.
Getting new furniture can be time consuming and often requires patience, as well as tiny screwdrivers. Putting together flat-pack furniture at home can be awkward. The convenience of the purchase can really make a big difference; you may pay more, but the build quality is bound to be far superior to what you can manage with an Allen-key.

Illuminated furniture

4) Unique Storage Solutions

Stylish storage is so useful and can be exceptionally beautiful. For example, a chic bookcase with useful and elegantly crafted space can be a stylish addition to any room. Or alternatively, place a coffee table with an over-hanging top and an underneath storage space in the center of a room and it creates a striking center piece. An alternative is to incorporate these bold pieces around the side of the room and balance the strong statements with neutral whites, accessories and soft furnishing. Shoe racks can also be bold and stylish; click here to browse Fashion For Home‘s exquisite range, for a taste of the choice available.

chic shelves

3) Unusual Accessories

Have fun by bringing something different or humorous into the home. Creating novel looks will have neighbors chatting about your interior design too. A novel picture or cushion set are good points of interest in your decor; gadgets can also create a talking point.
moose phone holder

4) Art

Art can harmonize a room. A painting can tell a story, be an emblem of something enjoyable, or just be an abstract expanse for the individual’s eyes to enjoy; like the sky. Placing artwork requires careful consideration. A series of identically sized prints can be powerful as the identical proportions can help balance a living space. Paintings of any color at all can add extra interest to your color scheme. Artists are usually pretty reliable for harmonizing their tones.

living room

5) Lighting

You can really bring a room together with soft, elegant lighting. It is also possible to affect the mood in a room by bringing different colors into the space, through simply changing the light bulbs.

contemporary fire

Brightening up your home spaces should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Follow these tips and take the time to consider what would work in the space you have and your home could be inviting and vibrant once again. Good luck!







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  1. Try changing the lightning fixture in your living room. Even just mere changing it would let you feel the change of the ambiance in the living room. Anyway, you should also try painting it with pastel colors for more relaxing environment.

  2. I am really pleased with this information. I am very excited to reinvent the look of my dull place. Thank you for inspiring me.

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