6 Ways to Avoid Going Stir Crazy this Winter

With the winter months fast approaching, you may be dreading the thought of being trapped inside. Those cold temperatures make going outside seem unthinkable, making everyone – including you – go stir crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if the warm weather lasted all year long?

However, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that your children are any less active. In fact, it seems to make them even more active. When the Mercury drops and there is snow in the forecast, don’t run and hide under your bed because your kids are climbing up the walls; there are plenty of activities that you can do with them during the winter, helping burn off pent-up energy.


Go Outside

You read that right – go outside! Cold temperatures don’t mean that the kids can’t go outside. Bundle up and explore the wonders of winter. While the beach may not be an option, your children can still enjoy riding their bikes, climbing trees, and drawing with sidewalk chalk. And, if it snows out, all the more fun will be had!

During those snowy days, get out there and roll around in all of that white stuff. Build forts, have a snowball fight, build a snowman, make snow angels – all those things you loved to do in the snow when you were a kid are things your kids will enjoy, too.


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Indoor Play Places

Take your kids to an indoor place place. With bounce houses, climbing structures, and ball pits. your kids will easily burn off all their pent-up energy. After a few hours, they may even be ready for a nap when you’re all done!


Children’s Museums

Provide a fun learning opportunity by taking your kids to a children’s museum. These museums are designed specifically for kids and offer some pretty cool exhibits that will spark their curiosity and teach them a thing or two. By looking online, you can do some research ahead of time and choose exhibits that you know your kids will enjoy.


The Library

Have you ever looked into your local library? It is an absolutely wonderful resource for children. No matter where you live, your library is bound to have a children’s play place and likely offers planned activities for your children, such as story hour, visits from musicians, crafting sessions, and playgroups.


Indoor Fun

If the weather outside is just too frightful, staying home is always an option. There are plenty of things your kids can do to keep entertained. Try building a fort with couch cushions or a tent with blankets and chairs. Pop a big bowl of popcorn, make some ice cream sundaes, and watch a family movie together. Get a family game going – you can play a board game or you can make up a game on your own. Make some crafts or bring them in the kitchen to do some baking. There are tons of things to do inside that you and the kids will love.


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Have a Play Date

Have a good, old-fashioned play date. Invite a few of your child’s friends over (and their moms to keep you sane and help monitor) and let them just have fun being kids. Don’t worry about the mess. Messes can be cleaned up, what matters is that your children are having fun.

Enjoy these activities with your children to keep them active and enjoy some quality bonding time together. With these types of activities in mind, the winter months don’t sound so bad after all. And, before you know it, the spring and summer will be here again!



Tara Heath is a freelance writer in Southern California. She enjoys coming up with fun kids activities that are a little bit outside of the box. She contributes to the Candy Concepts Inc. blog.




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