A Green Thumb’s Up to Spring Lawn Care

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As winter is relegated to a cold memory and spring begins to bloom, head outside to evaluate your lawn’s condition. Winter is the bane of your lawn’s existence, and you can be sure that it will need your help in restoring it to its former verdant state.


It’s time to awaken your lawn equipment from winter hibernation. Fetch all your supplies from the shed and examine their overall condition. If your mower is rusted and dilapidated, it may be time to replace it. Depending on your lawn’s size and idiosyncrasies, you can purchase self-propelled mowers, easy-to-maneuver Husqvarna zero-turn lawn mowers or riding mowers for comfort. Either way, the blades must be sharp before releasing the mower onto your lawn. Change the oil, replace the filter and fill it up with a fresh tank of fuel. There are service centers that can tune-up your mower for you: they’ll replace the spark plugs, sharpen the blades and anything else that needs to be done in preparation for the mowing seasons.


A light lawn raking will help clear the grass of extraneous thatch and debris. Use a dethatcher rake to achieve best results. Thatch blockades the grass from receiving everything it needs to thrive. UV light, moisture and oxygen can’t properly reach the grass plant with layers of thatch in the way. Now that the thatch has been extracted from your lawn, you’ll be able to easier identify any other problems like bare spots or pests. With your rake, thinly spread a top dressing of peat moss over the lawn. This should be enacted only after aeration.


Aeration is the process of removing plugs of sod to loosen the soil. This process is integral to your lawn’s health because it allows the air, fertilizer and water down directly into the grass root system, according to HomeOwnerNet.com. Depending on the size of your lawn, there a couple of ways to accomplish aeration. Use a manual core aerator for small lawns or specified problem spots. Large yards require a power aerator. These commercial coring aerators can be rented at most tool rental stores.


The earlier you can address the weed problem, the better. Hunt down spots of digitaria orcrabgrass, dandelions and broadleaf weeds. Use a fulcrum weeder to scrape the weeds out of existence. For the most efficient solution, it’s best to avoid herbicides entirely and focus solely on mechanical means of weed extraction.


Twice a year, feed your lawn with fertilizer. Spring and fall are the best times to sprinkle the lawn with a healthy dose of nutrients. Fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium aren’t enough to fully fertilize the grass, according to HGTV.com. Opt for a complete fertilizer with iron, sulfur, copper and other micronutrients instead.

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