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An Angel With FurAlmost a month  ago, I was asked if I would like to review Russell Blake’s new book “An Angel With Fur”.  Well  hey, I love reading and I am an avid dog lover (I have 4 fur babies of my own) so I said “Heck Yeah!”.

I had heard of Russell before. I know he usually writes thrillers and has an excellent reputation of being a top notch author. This new book about his dog Lobo, sure didn’t look like his usual fare though.

I started reading this while sitting in the hospital with my mother during her final illness. The more I read, the more I felt like I was talking with an old friend about his dog. Not only is Russell the same age as I am, but Lobo is the spitting image of my dog Roxie. And reading  the story of the life and loss of a loved one at the same time that I was losing my mom,  this story hit home on many levels.

I laughed at this high spirited dog and how he kept his owners on their toes. I know we dog lovers all think our dog is special, and they are. But Lobo was one in a million. It was a joy to read about his life and what a courageous little pup he was. I laughed at parts of the book and shared them with my mother. Even in her weakened state, she would smile and chuckle at some of his antics.

Other parts of this book had me crying my eyes out. I felt like I had lost someone I loved at the end and I could feel what Russell and Lobo felt at the end. It’s been about 4 days since I finished this book, and I still think about this amazing dog.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves animals. Even if you don’t love animals, this book will help you understand the special bond we humans have with our canine companions.

Currently, this book is only available as the Kindle version on Amazon and you can find it here: Amazon. Hopefully it will come in a paper version soon. Also if you would like to read more about Russell Blake, you can find him at


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  1. Yeah, it is kind of similar to Marley and Me but it’s a true story. This will make you cry too. At least it did me. But I’m still glad I read it.

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