Appliance Troubleshooting

 Help! My Appliance Won’t Start!

You go to start your dishwasher, air conditioner, washer or dryer,  microwave , or even your stove and it won’t start! What do you do? Well most of us would probably call a repairman or maybe even get a new appliance.

Before, you end up paying the big bucks for a new appliance or a costly repair, try this first:

Unplug your appliance and wait for 10 seconds. If your appliance’s plug is hard to reach like for a stove or dishwasher, then go find the circuit breaker for it and turn it off.

After the 10 seconds, plug your appliance back in restart it. Often, this will take care of the problem. If it doesn’t, check the trouble shooting guide in your appliance’s owner’s manual for other things to try.

I can attest that the unplugging thing works. My oven recently would get an error message every time I tried to turn it on. I turned it off  and then back on from the circuit breaker and it started working again.

The reason why this sometimes happens to your appliances is that they freeze up usually due to a short in the electrical current or sometimes even an electrical surge. Shutting off the power reboots the appliance.



Article by Cathy Ratcliffe







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