3 Appliances that use More Electricity than you Would Think

Do your hefty electricity bills often leave you flabbergasted? Some specific power-hungry items around the house might be responsible for these escalated costs. If you’re frugal, you’ll want to avoid wasting too much money on electricity. However, it’s important to first learn about the top 3 appliances that consume lots of electricity. Next, take active steps towards reducing the power consumption of these items. If you’re curious about how much electricity you consume monthly, this Texas electricity rate calculator will certainly help.

Here are 5 appliances that use more electricity than you would think:


  • The refrigerator


It spends many hours gently humming to keep your food and drinks cool, so it’s no surprise that your refrigerator tops this list. Although fridges are essential for any home, these appliances consume the most electricity. It’s estimated that about 31% of people’s electricity is used up by their refrigerators. This represents a third of your power consumption – a staggering statistic to say the least.

If you’re keen about lowering your electricity bill, consider purchasing a refrigerator that is more efficient (it will have a class A+ rating). Replacing your old class D fridge with a more efficient class A+ fridge will lower your power consumption by about 80%. Here’s another tip to reducing your electricity bill: avoid leaving the door to your fridge open for too long. Also ensure that hot foods aren’t stored inside the refrigerator – more energy will be used to cool them down.


  • The television


It’s arguably the most important electric appliance in any household. The TV uses about 12% of the total electricity consumed by all appliances at home. This makes sense considering that we use it for the longest hours. The advent of cable TV has made it even more difficult to turn it off – there’s so much good content for children and adults. Sadly, TV can be addictive. How do you prevent spending your hours as a couch potato glued to never-ending episodes on TV? First, get a hobby. Any activity that distracts you from watching television is perfect.

For some individuals, television is life. If you belong in this special category, always turn your TV completely off when heading out. Leaving it on standby won’t prevent it from consuming as much power as a computer. Also consider switching your old plasma screen TV with a brand new LED television.


  • The computer


It’s easy to disregard the PC when deliberating about power-consuming appliances. Surprisingly, computers consume about 8% of the total electrical household bill. Some families use their desktop computers excessively for work while others utilize it occasionally. However, if you desire to save energy and pay less for electricity, it’s important to lower your PC’s screen brightness to some tolerable level (this will also protect your eyesight). In addition, avoid having a screensaver and switch the computer completely off when you’re not using it. If you’ve connected it with some peripheral devices such as scanners and printers, it’s crucial that you switch them off when they’re idle.

Small, consistent steps make all the difference. Now that you’re well acquainted with these heavy-consuming appliances, you should take all the necessary steps to save energy.

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