Aprons-The Comeback Kid

Do you remember your mother wearing an apron? I don’t remember mine ever wearing one but then again, she wasn’t much for cooking or cleaning. I do remember both of my grandmothers wearing an apron all the time. At least while they were in the house.

I think when most people think of aprons, they think of the typical 1950’s housewife donning an apron (kind of like my gal in my logo above). I always think of June Cleaver in her high heels, pearls and nice dress wearing an apron to do her every day cooking and cleaning.

Back in the day, women had aprons they used specifically for cooking, and then they had prettier ones they would put on when they sat down to the table to eat. They also had ones they used only when cleaning. These women often had more aprons than they did dresses.

Aprons were around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years before the 1950’s though. They were just so practical. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty too.

What I love is in the past few years, they have been making a comeback. The retro thing, and all. Check out this cutie below:

I love this cute cherry themed apron from Flirty Aprons. Click on the picture to find out more about it. Flirty Aprons is also having a sale for a few days.  Their Single Layer Sassy Black Aprons Under $10, valid 8/29 – 9/5  So check that out if you are reading this between those dates.

I thinking of getting my daughters a Flirty Apron for Christmas. I’m afraid they won’t work well for me though since I’m plus sized. For me, I would like to get the apron below:

Black Embroidered Apron Never Trust a Skinny Cook
If you can’t read it, it says “Never Trust a Skinny Cook”. Love it! Hear that daughters of mine? Here’s a cool gift you can get your ol’mom! Click on the picture for more information or to buy.

I have seen men wear aprons too. Usually when they are grilling something. They tend to like the funny aprons. I found some great ones for men on Amazon, but some of them are kind of raunchy. If you want to check them out, click here: Men’s Aprons.  I will show you my favorite one for men below:

Be Nice to me ApronAs with the other pictures, just click on this apron picture to find out more info or to buy it.

So before you buy an apron, what should you look for? It all depends on you, really. Your size, your gender, your style.

But the few things I feel all good aprons must have are:

  • Pockets. They come in so handy whether you are using an apron to cook or clean.
  • Easy Care. They must be able to be machine washed and dried, and not wrinkle easily.
  • Comfort. They should feel comfortable to wear or you won’t wear them.
  • Quality. The material should hold up for the cooking and cleaning chores you will be throwing at it. It also should be well made so it won’t wear out for a long time.

Right now, I have an old Ortega Taco Sauce apron that my dad used when he did demonstrations in grocery stores. It works fine but isn’t very attractive and other than advertising for Ortega, it does not make a statement. So I plan on investing in an apron or two (assuming I don’t get one from my kids for Christmas).

Do you wear aprons? Why or why not?



3 thoughts on “Aprons-The Comeback Kid

  1. Wow I remember aprons, my mother wore them almost all of the time around the house, as well as my grandmother and aunts. My mom made her aprons, some had lace, some had ric-rack and some had embrodiery on them. My daughters remember seeing their grandmother in aprons, she has passed on now, but both of my daughters as well as myself have a couple aprons that she made as keepsakes.

  2. I have an apron that I wear faithfully for cooking and cleaning! It saves my clothes and therefore time in the laundry. Each of my boys has his own apron for cooking (7yo and 4yo). My youngest has the apron that my mother made for me when I was a little girl (dark denim with green trim around the edges). I even keep a spare apron for times when my favorite is I. The wash or when someone is over and wants to help in the kitchen. I also like that for the most part I can get dressed for the day, put on the apron to do things that might normally mess up what I’m wearing and then remove the apron to be ready to head out the door!

  3. I ALWAYS wear an apron. I can’t tell you how many shirts I’ve ruined by NOT wearing an apron. I’ve probably been wearing one for 15 years or more. Even if I’m cooking for a few minutes I put mine on. And if I have to do something else, I take it off and then put it back on.

    My daughter-in-law gave me an apron a couple of years ago that she painted for me. It’s SO cool! But it has pockets and a couple of them have pleats on them. Those are VERY, VERY BAD! Those stupid pleats catch on my drawer pulls constantly. I pinned them down so they’re better but I just need to take the time to sew them shut. Whoever designed that apron didn’t cook. It’s horrible! So if you buy an apron, skip one that has pleats unless you’re willing to take the time to sew them shut. I personally don’t need pockets on my apron. I never use them!

    But I think aprons are a necessity!

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