4 Tips to Finding The Cause of Your Roof Leak

Every homeowner dreads a leaky roof. Water is the most insidious enemy, eager to penetrate your home’s weak exterior defense. Water can cause severe damage far from its initial attack point. This ability makes it difficult to identify the source of your leakage. The best you can do is to act fast. Never ignore any leak since the destruction can result in a massive repair bill. Roof leaks can destroy insulation, become a breeding ground for mold, damage your ceilings, and destroy your framing. Here are four tips for finding the cause of your roof leak.


  • Age. Every roofing material grows old and tired. Temperature changes result in expansion and contraction of the aging roof causing it to turn brittle and eventually crack. Extended periods of harsh sun rays can melt the tar that holds composition shingles. When roofing products live beyond their life expectancy, you will need to buy a new roof at the first sign of a leak.


  • Brick Chimneys. If you have come across house ruins, you have probably noticed that the chimney is often the only standing thing. While brick chimneys may seem permanent and strong, the mortal that binds them is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. Exposure to weather elements can cause the bricks to erode and crumble. Check the mud cap on top of the chimney and inspect the mortared joins where the roof and chimney meet. You can quickly fix any deterioration with a patch.


  • Missing Shingles. If you find a shingle in your garden, the chances are that you will have a leak during the next rainstorm. Replacing a shingle is easy. You just have to pry off the nails from the course below and slid the new shingle into place. Nail the new shingle securely and then re-nail its neighbor. If you do not have some leftover shingles from your existing roof, you may have to settle for a different color. You may not discover a worn out shingle until it starts leaking. Once you have found your target, you can now replace the broken shingles. This process should cost you a small amount of money since it is a DIY project.


  • Complex Roofing. The complex roof architecture of your house may cause a leak to occur. The valleys and slopes can invite disaster if not properly sealed. Even when maintained in excellent shape, a complex roof can be problematic. In snowy areas, the configuration of a roof may not help the snow to slide off the top of your house. If the snow piles up, it can form a snow dam due to the melting from your attic’s heat and freezing on the cold edges at the bottom of a slope.


Some of the leak problems are a quick fix if identified early enough. For example, repairing a leaky roof pipe vent will only take you a couple of minutes to complete. Do not hesitate to contact a professional if you find it difficult to fix your leak problems.   


4 Electrical Maintenance Best Practices to Know About

Electric cord with electricity sparkls as symbol of power

Improper maintenance of an electrical system in a building can lead to fatal injuries or death in the workplace. Moreover, neglecting electrical maintenance practices lead to noncompliance with NFPA 70E, which are the requirements for protecting employees from exposure to electrical hazards. Engineers will always include acceptance testing and commissioning of a project to ensure that there are no faults that can prevent a facility from operating. Studies have proved that scheduled maintenance has increased reliability and reduced downtime for commercial industries. Maintenance practices have also protected electrical workers. NFPA demands a qualified electrical worker and insists on the need for safety and skills training for all employees. This article provides four electrical maintenance best practices to know about.



  • NFPA 70E Maintenance. NFPA provides that qualified workers should adequately design, install, and maintain any power system for it to be considered safe for operation. NEFPA does not recommend ay maintenance methodology or frequency of managing the power system. Such considerations vary depending on the type of electric system and the company. As a result, the employer should create and implement a maintenance methodology based on manufacturer’s instructions, literature, and the standards of the industry. The employer should also equip the conditions and any requirements needed for electrical maintenance.




  • Protective Devices. Due to the increased cases of interfering with circuit breakers, manufacturers created molded and insulated cases. These cases have made it almost impossible to inspect the internal components of circuit breakers. You may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty if you break the case seal. Since most of these devices are bolted-in, they will increase the time and cost for removal, testing, and reinstallation. Engineers report that 80 percent of the molded cases will not trip for 3-5 years of service. A survey conducted by NETA Circuit Breakers Survey in 2007, confirmed the report made by engineers. As such, it is recommended that workers use these insulated devices to lower their maintenance costs.




  • Hazard Analysis. One of the best practices in electrical maintenance is hazard analysis. Once the maintenance manager decides to perform arc flash hazard calculations, he or she has to consider several factors. Hazard analysis takes into consideration the design of the power system; its open time, maintenance condition, and the current protective devices. Most firms use analysis software to perform hazard calculation. The maintenance manager inputs data from site evaluations. The software then calculates and produces warning labels and settings for protective devices. Nevertheless, the software does not consider maintenance frequency, methodology, and procedures.




  • Failure of Electric Equipment. Even with regular maintenance, you cannot eliminate equipment failure. Some of these failures can result in substantial production loss or cause severe damage. In case of any electrical equipment failure, you should take up the matter seriously. Conduct a detailed analysis of the occurrence and seek out ways to prevent any future failure of the same nature. You should also report such cases and consult from professionals such as Express Electrical Services.



With these practices in place, you can now work without worrying about electrical issues.  

3 Benefits to Reading Reviews of Home Products

It is important to read reviews on home products before making a purchase. The information on the Tool Report reviews can help you make an informed purchase decision. The reviews offer guidelines to consumers on the main features of a product, the price and other advantages of the product over the competitor’s product. We will review the major benefits of reading home products reviews below.

Here are 3 benefits to reading Reviews of home products:

  1. Product knowledge

You will get information regarding product features, prices and specifications by reading product reviews. A comprehensive product review is either written by a consumer or companies that review products for rating purposes. Some of the information you need regarding the product may not be included in the manufacturer’s product description. In some instances, the information provided in the description may be exaggerated.  You may end up buying the product based on marketing techniques and not on facts. You can only get the real facts regarding the product from a reviewer who has or uses the product.

  1. Easier decision-making process

There are many types of home products in the market. Choosing the right product should not be based on price and features of the product only. You should read various reviews of the competitors’ products for comparison purposes. You should also get recommendations from users who have benefited from the product. Most consumers buy products based on brand loyalty. They may fail to buy better products simply because of brand preference.  One of the easiest ways through which such customers can be helped to buy different brands is through product reviews. They may find out that there are better products retailing at the same price or even cheaper than their favorite brands. Customers who review other products may also discover new products that their brand company may not be producing and this is beneficial to them. Product reviews create more awareness of new products. This increases sales and is good for both business and consumers.

  1. Value for your money

Consumers appreciate getting value for their money when they buy a product. Some manufacturer’s products are overpriced. Reviews can help you to know if you will get value for your money since they review the cost and efficiency of a product.  Manufacturers may also review their prices based on the value the customer gets from using the product. Some product reviews may affect various brands negatively leading to poor sales. But this can help a manufacturer improve on their other products based on the reviews and feedback from the customers. Reviews on products help manufacturers to strategize and come up with new ideas on product improvement and development. They also get ideas on other related products that they may produce to add value to their existing products.

Product reviews can be informative and crucial when making a purchase. You should not ignore consumer reviews. You should read credible product reviews from reliable sources to ensure that you are making a good decision when buying any home product.

9 Steps to A Minimalism, Decluttered Home Décor

Does looking around your house make you feel overwhelmed and want to run away? Well, if your answer is yes, your house does need a makeover.

It seems quite a difficult task to get rid of all your unnecessary stuff and have nice decor at the same time. Your humble abode should be free of chaos, unlike most of our chaotic lives. It should be the place where we can forget our stress and enjoy peace.

This is where, my friend, the art of minimalism comes. In this style, lighting, area, furniture, and accessories are given equal importance. Your space needs only essentials which are more than enough.

These essentials should be curated to  make the greatest impacts and make you happy. You need to decide what is required and what is not. And a minimalist space doesn’t need to be boring at all. It can be fun and yet, very functional.

To help you out, we have 9 steps for you to achieve a house with minimalism and decluttered decor.

1. Keep the color palette neutral – A neutral color palette is the foundation of minimalist home decor. The subdued scheme of color will help you in having a better vision. It will give a clean and tidy look. You can be as creative as you want. Play with patterns and textures because after all, it is a blank canvas before you. Also, white is not the only color to consider. Pastel and nudes look great too. Just because the approach is minimalist, it doesn’t need to be bland. But don’t go overboard with the shades.Remember to incorporate not more than two colors at a time.

2. Invest in wall panels – Now, who doesn’t love contemporary wall panels? These wall
panels are quite easy to install. You don’t need too many artworks, photo frames, or
posters to adorn your walls. You just need to get fancy wall paneling done. If you are
fond of textures and metals, textured metal wall panels are a good option. Likewise,
you can get real brick wall panels, acrylic shower walls panels, etc. Getting wall
paneling done is affordable as well. You can change the look of your house in a budget.

3. Believe in quality over quantity – This is a mantra which we have all listened to and
tried to follow in our lives. But have you ever related this philosophy with interior
designing? If not, then you definitely need to. Here, we are trying to live a decluttered
life. So, get rid of the furniture and accessories which provide no use to your home.
Make the functionality of the object your priority. Focus on quality design products.
For instance, opt for a sofa-cum-bed. On regular days, it is a sofa placed in your
living. room. When there are too many guests at your place, the sofa turns into a bed.

4. Goodbye, extra supplies – In most households, there are chances of running into stuff which are duplicates of other items. Whenever you open the drawer or cupboard, you do find things which you have an extra of. Don’t you? Ask yourself if you need the
item. In case you don’t, get rid of it. Donate it to a needy person. In this way, you are
associating with good works and decluttering to your house at the same time. The
duplicates are not always obvious. Suppose you have a mini portable Bluetooth
speaker. So, you can get rid of the music player and huge speakers which does not
serve your purpose anymore.

5. Match the storage space with aesthetics – Said goodbye to all the extra stuff? Still, the arrangement doesn’t look pleasing enough? Now, it is time for you to sneak around
the items. These are such items which can’t you can get rid of but don’t know where
to place them. Stylish and good quality storage spaces allow you to store your entire
world. You can also make your house look classy and elegant. Minimalist people with
maximalist hearts are going to find this trick very useful.

6. Experiment with different textures – There are possible chances of a neutral base
room missing ‘that’ charm. So, you can spice things up by using different types of
textures. It is a trick which never seems to fail. Pillows, rugs, and blankets either
knitted or beaded induce comfort in the bedroom. The textures depend on your
choice. Although, it is advised to not crazy with them. Mixing of too many textures
will have the opposite effect of what you want. Make sure that they blend with the
backdrop well.

7. Use statement pieces to accessorize – There is no point of decorating the house with
hundreds of furniture and accessories. It only increases the chaos more and more.
Statement pieces are in trend since forever. They enhance the beauty of a space. You
don’t even need too many of them. One or two bold pieces are enough to lit up your
living room. You get minimalism décor without much effort. Hang a contemporary
artwork on the wall or leave some walls bare if you want. How beautiful bright yellow
and orange cushions would look in a neutral backdrop!

8. Keep the surfaces flat and clean – According to experts, houses with a minimalistic
approach never opt for curvy or haphazard lines. The reason behind it is that they only
add more to the clutter. These house feature straight and well-defined surfaces which
enhance its aesthetic value.

9. Bring nature home – Serene green plants with fresh leaves calm down the mind.
What’s not to like about them? Tiny earthen pots with plants on the dresser or study
table can bring life to the room. You can place the bigger plants in a corner of the
living or bedroom. This is the easiest possible way you can get an aesthetically
pleasing décor.

Take baby steps. Try one thing at a time and keep everything simple. You do not need too many cushions or paintings. As you must be knowing that less is always more, make small changes.