Bed Makeovers: Add Headboards, New Bedding & Bold Accents

bedBed makeovers don’t have to be a headache. In fact, a bedroom makeover can be a fun project that makes you proud of your creative accomplishments in the end. Simple touches can completely transform your bedroom into a beautiful oasis or modern hideaway. To pull off the perfect look, below are some simple guidelines:


There’s collections of bedding from Macys that range in price and style, so you’re likely to find a duvet or comforter specifically for your taste, even as you shop for mattresses. For a tranquil, peaceful vibe, look for bedding in creams or a neutral color palette. Simple paper light fixtures also give the room a light and airy feel. To complete a bold look, go for a bright comforter to complement the accent colors in the room. Dress up the rest of the bed with matching pillows. For romantic ambience, opt for floral patterns and light pillow accents with soft hues that match the bedding of course.


As the focal point of your bed, the headboard can be as simple or gaudy as you want it. Take advantage of DIY projects floating around Pinterest. Pins are taken from a variety of blog posts and websites that showcase headboards crafted with pallets, plywood or fabrics. Read on to be inspired:

  • Can you believe you can make a stylish headboard from doors? Place two doors side-by-side painted in your favorite color scheme. Top with crown molding to make your bed look clean and simple. You can find inexpensive doors at hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot.
  • To install a wooden headboard, visit a lumber yard; it can actually be fairly cheap. Design the shape of the headboard and then easily distress the wood with vinegar, tea bags and steel wool pads. The finished project looks absolutely stunning and has a beachy vibe. You can also place pieces of barn wood side-by-side of varying sizes. Even simpler, hang four 1 x 6 boards on the wall with large 3M strips, which can hold up to 16 pounds each.
  • Fabric, plywood, batting and two-inch foam is all you need to build an elegant headboard. Just cut the plywood into the proper shape and size, and then use spray adhesive to glue foam on top of the plywood. Staple the batting on top of the foam, and then staple the fabric to the board—voila! You’ve crafted a beautiful and inexpensive headboard that looks like a professional masterpiece.

Bed Bench

Show some love to the foot of your bed, too. If you have an extra bench lying around that you have no use for, then this project is perfect for you. (Generally, you can find benches at thrift or second-hand stores as well for $20 and less). Converting a seating bench into a bed bench is not too complex. Use two-inch thick foam, which you can find at all craft stores, and measure it to fit the top of your bench. Place the foam on top of some batting and staple in place. Next, pull fabric of your choice around the batting and foam and use a staple gun to attach the fabric around the bench tightly. Then use a drill to secure the cushioned seat to the bench. If you want a more sophisticated look to match an upscale design theme and decor, place buttons about every five inches or so.


Bold patterns, large decorative pillows and fresh flowers can decoratively take your room to that next level. Installing wall-mounted lamps will not only give your room a 5-star feel, but it will create space on your nightstands for books, flowers or picture frames. Also, make over your wall space by placing a graphic quilt or wallpaper on one wall as an accent. In a small room, hang a mirror above the bed to make the room appear larger.

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