Black Friday Is Coming!

My son loves Black Friday. He and his 2 cousins have made a tradition out of camping outside big box stores on Thanksgiving night, waiting to get the great deals. They stay up all night for this and think it’s great fun.

To me, that would be agony. I know it’s not commonly heard coming from a woman, but I hate shopping. I especially hate shopping during the Christmas rush when there are lots of crowds to deal with. And I think I’d prefer a root canal over shopping on Black Friday.

What is Black Friday anyway and why do they call it that? I mean I don’t remember having Black Friday as a kid, do you? But in doing some research on it,  the day after the USA Thanksgiving has traditionally been the start of the Christmas shopping season since the 1920’s.

Black Friday didn’t officially get it’s name until sometime during the mid 1970’s. The reason why it’s called Black Friday is because retailers tend to not see any profits until the official Christmas shopping season starts so they operate in the red until the day after Thanksgiving. That day helps them to make a profit for the year, hence then they are operating in the black. Black Friday. Get it?

Anyway, I usually do about 80-90% of my holiday shopping online, and most of that is from Amazon. They have some of the best deals out there, usually come with free shipping and have just about everything you could possibly want on your list.

If you are looking for toys for the kids in your life, check out Amazon’s top toys list: Amazon’s Holiday Toy List

And to check out their Black Friday deals, click here: Shop Amazon’s Black Friday Week

If you prefer handcrafted gifts, look on for some awesome products. Beware it can be a time trap. I can spend hours on there looking at all the pretties.

So, do you do your holiday shopping online or in stores in your area? What is your favorite store to shop?

Hope yall are having a great Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “Black Friday Is Coming!

  1. Hi, Just wanted to drop a line to say that I enjoy your site. I will be staying in tonight (black Friday) maybe enjoying my new Keurig elite! Keep up the good work,

  2. I have never done the Black Friday thing but when I was working full time AND running an ornament business, I usually didn’t have time to do Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. I did it for several years on Christmas Eve and always swore I wouldn’t do it again the next year. Hated it!

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