Get Rid of Blood Stains

quick tip

Blood can be difficult to get out of carpets and fabrics. Here’s a trick that should work:

Rinse out as much of the stain as you can with cold water. Make a salt paste from a quarter cup of salt and a tablespoon of water. Apply it to the blood stain and let it set for 30 minutes. Now rinse out with cold water.

Did it work for you? I tried this on a t shirt and it worked for me but have not had to use it for any other fabrics. I’d love to know your experiences and if this works for you.


2 thoughts on “Get Rid of Blood Stains

  1. I find if I can get to the stain soon after that extremely hot, almost scalding water, with a bit of soap rubbed directly on the stain while the water rinses over it will take the stain out.

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