How To Build A Relationship With Your Mom

How is Your Relationship With Your Mom?

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In honor of the upcoming Mothers Day holiday, I decided to write a post for those of us who do not have a very good relationship with our mom.

Sometimes we waste time with our parents over small things and slowly start to realize that there are more important things in life than arguing over petty differences. Nothing brings time back and before it is too late, we can start to notice that a foundation was never set to build a fantastic relationship. This article discusses how to build a relationship with your mom.

Set your intent

Make up in your mind that you will have a wonderful relationship with your mom. Your intent will mean everything and it will be the energy that helps to change or enhance it. This means you have to be ready to let go of the past, forgive, and no longer blame each other. Stop holding on to the reasons why it won’t work.

Create the ideal relationship

Write down each aspect you want to have in your relationship, for example; laughter, best friends, stronger connection, peace, etc.

Don’t worry if it seems like you are the only one putting energy into this. It is possible for you to still have the relationship you want just with your intent. You should start noticing a shift happening. Learn to become more engaged on what you want to take place and to not focus on any negative aspects that result or any resistance from others to the change.

Expect the Best

Live your life expecting your relationship to happen – Learning how to build a relationship with your mom starts with first believing that it will happen. Start sharing the changes you notice with others.

Forgive and forget

Let go of any pain caused by each other, express it to each other and then release it to never be brought back up again.

Stay focused

When you have a relationship with your mom in the adult years, it is very easy for that little child to come back up and all of a sudden you are reliving the old patterns. Even if your mom starts to treat you like a kid again, stay strong and focused on your intent and what you are creating. Don’t take anything personal and hold only love in your heart.

Be in the moment

Once you learn how to do this, your childhood past does not come back up and you can stay neutral to many situations. Always remember that we all are doing the best we can in the moment with what we have learned. Embrace all situations with compassion and love.

Stay Positive

Stay positive and don’t listen to any negativity. Keep in mind that as you shift your perception and behavior, others may not want to go along for this change. Learning how to build a relationship with your mom or anyone else deals with knowing that you cannot change someone and to also learn to accept that the biggest change from you is always worth it. Love yourself and start building the relationship with yourself first. You will start to notice that you become a magnet for people that reflect what you have become.




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