Winter Cleaning: Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved

It’s fast approaching Christmas and it’s also time for that dreaded big winter clean-up. There’s no getting away from it; every season seems to bring about a quarterly review of the household, and that could also mean that you have a big clean to do, every three months. The question is: are you resigned to […]

Keep Your Kids Warm and Safe During Cold Weather

It is the worst snowstorm of the winter, temperatures are hovering near zero, the wind chill is at 14, winds are blasting arctic air at 40 miles per hour. To top things off, your kids are running through the house chanting alternatively: “It’s snoooooowing,” and “We want to go out!” The temptation to let them […]

6 Ways to Avoid Going Stir Crazy this Winter

With the winter months fast approaching, you may be dreading the thought of being trapped inside. Those cold temperatures make going outside seem unthinkable, making everyone – including you – go stir crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if the warm weather lasted all year long? However, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that […]