5 Benefits to Investing in a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a really good investment you want to spend your money on. It will help you keep your house clean and appealing to family and guests. You might think that a simple sweep can already clean an area in your house, but a vacuum cleaner is able to pick up all the dirt and particles that a simple broom or rug will not be able to clean. And if you are a pet owner, you should definitely buy one to help clean up all the pet hair that is all over the house.

One of the best brands in the market today is the Shark Vacuum. If you are still wondering and thinking about buying a Shark vacuum, check out the list below for some benefits that may convince you to invest in one.

  1. They offer all types of vacuum – with Shark vacuums, you will have so many options. You can choose the upright, stick, handheld, canister and even robot vacuums. Each model under the variant is definitely worth the price. But make sure that before you make your purchase, you will do enough research to determine which type best fits your home and your needs.
  1.  They are cheaper compared to other brands – anything you spend your money on should be a worthy investment. The great thing about Shark vacuums is that you do not need to spend so much money in order to get a product that is efficient. You don’t need to go to the store, but the most expensive model to say that you found the best one. Compared to other more expensive brands like Dyson for example, Shark is able to give out the same performance but for a lesser price.
  1. Their variants are lighter compared to some brands – a heavier vacuum cleaner may not be a problem if you only regularly clean a small area in your home. But for those that clean many rooms in the house and may even have to carry the vacuum cleaner up the stairs, having a lightweight vacuum in hand is definitely a godsend.  A heavier one will not only feel uncomfortable and awkward to lug around the house, but it can also cause some problems such as a chronic back pain due to the back strain you will have.
  1. They also produce cordless variants to their vacuum cleaners – what’s great about Shark vacuums is that they also produce a cordless vacuum, which means you can also use it to clean the garage our places outside the house such as your patio or even inside your car if needed.
  1. Shark vacuums have longer warranty coverage compared to others – with Shark vacuum, you have seven years of warranty coverage, which is longer compared to other brands which only offer a five-year warranty or even less. That’s because they are sure of the quality of their products. You can be assured that you are making a sound investment because, with a Shark vacuum, you are getting a well-made product which will be of good use to you for many years.


The Top 3 Ways to Clean Your Home in 2018

woman cleaning

Cleaning your home can be a tedious task, especially if you have a busy schedule. Most people with a demanding job find it hard to thoroughly clean their homes after a long week full of activities. The same happens to people with jobs that require frequent traveling and when they get home, they lack enough time to clean their homes.

However, this is not an excuse to leave your home dirty. A home should be kept clean at all times, regardless of your availability. A clean home is not only hygienic but also healthy for your family. With a few tips and tricks, you can clean your home effectively without missing a spot. Here are top 3 ways to clean your home.

Make a schedule

Have a cleaning schedule for your home depending on whether you will be cleaning it on weekly or monthly basis depending on your availability. For those with tight schedules who do not have time, they can hire the services of a cleaning company.

A cleaning company can plan for the ideal time to clean and will do a professional job. Sparkle and Shine offer some of the top cleaning services ideal for a busy schedule.

If you don’t need the help of a house cleaner you can set up a cleaning schedule for yourself. This can be during the weekends when you have time. Differentiate between that need urgent cleaning and those that do not so as to determine where to start.

Organize your home

Before you start cleaning activities such as dusting, sweeping or mopping your home, start by small tasks throughout the week such as washing dishes piled in the kitchen sink every day after a meal. In the kitchen, arrange items where they belong whenever you can to make cleaning of surfaces manageable.

Figure out which items you actually need and get rid of appliances that you never use and yet spend a lot of time cleaning. Remove all items that are lying all over the place. Pick magazines or any items such as shoes that are in the wrong place and store them in their right location.

Focus on one activity at a time

Start with dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. You can start by removing any cobwebs present before dusting. This will help you to clean effectively without getting too tired as well as focus on spots that might be missed. Dust the surfaces and counters in the entire house. Then focus on vacuuming or mopping after you have reduced the amount of dirt present.

Wipe kitchen appliances and cabinets carefully while arranging back the items present. Areas such as the bathroom might require more time due to the scrubbing of sinks and tubs. Disinfect open surfaces that might cause health problems in the future using a nontoxic disinfectant solution.

Turn off fans in the rooms when dusting or vacuuming. Start from the top to bottom, beginning with the ceiling down to the floor. This helps in the accumulation of dirt in one spot.

You do not have to use many cleaning tools during cleaning. A bucket, broom and a mop are enough. Buy the right cleaning agents which will make it easier to clean and ensure that you leave your house sparkling clean.

Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips – What You NEED to Know

It’s that time of year again. Flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the sun is out past 5 o’clock which gives you just enough time to do something with your home. That’s right. Spring is here, and with the bucket-list of things that are on your Spring cleaning list, there’s no wonder why you haven’t gotten to it yet.

Take a look at these Spring cleaning and self-storage tips to get you through the season so you can have more time some fun in the sun while your house is sitting pretty, clean and organized.

Spring cleaning storage tips

1) Sell unneeded items

If you’re doing some in-depth Spring cleaning, it may be a good time to start thinking about what you do and do not need around the house. Is there an area rug or piece of furniture that starting to look a little shabby and is in need of an upgrade? How about some old articles of clothing? Having a garage sale could raise you just enough money to replace what you’ve taken out.

2) Store items not frequently used

On the other hand, if you have a few things that you still hold close to your heart but hate the idea of getting rid of, you may want to consider clearing up space by placing it in a temperature controlled self-storage unit. By choosing this option, you’ll be able to both enjoy the perks of having a pristine house while holding onto all of your cherished keepsakes.

3) Use organizational storage

If you have children or work from home in an at-home office, you’re probably all too familiar with having a few organizational storage cabinets around. Needless to say, clever organization tips are always handy.

However, if you’ve never considered getting some, you seriously need to jump onboard. Particularly useful when you’re doing some cleaning around the house, get a couple of decoration cabinets that have wooden or mirrored panes so that way you can keep the clutter organized but out of site for a clean, crisp look around the house.

4) Do a deep clean

Once you start getting into your Spring cleaning routine, this is the one time of year that it’s okay to go all out and immaculately clean those hard to reach spots. Don’t be afraid to pull out the refrigerator, move the couches and wipe down the crown molding, so your home goes through a real transformation. You may even want to consider cleaning out the attic, garage or shed in the back.

5) Don’t forget the exterior of your home

When it comes to getting a little Spring cleaning done, it’s important to pay just as much attention to the home’s exterior as the interior. Remember to power wash sidewalks and the exterior of your home, taking special care to remove old spider webs or wasps nests. Also, clean out any lingering weeds that have grown in your garden over the winter months.

Feel like really hitting a home run? Swing by your local nursery and pick up some flowers or herbs to plant in your garden so that you’ll enjoy the easy access to fresh herbs and beautiful blooms!






5 Helpful Laundry Tips

5 Helpful Laundry Tips

Laundry is one of the more annoying household tasks that we are forced to tackle on a regular basis. Try as we might, the dirty clothes keep piling up and while we can use Kohl’s coupons from Discountrue.com to save money on laundry detergent and dryer sheets, these purchases are merely half of the battle.

These five helpful laundry tips will provide you with all of the hacks that you need to get the most out of your washing machine, so be sure to read on and learn more.

1. Bringing Your Towels Back To Life

Did you know that you can restore your towels to their glory days with the use of baking soda and vinegar? Wash your towels in hot water twice, once with vinegar and once with baking soda to get rid of the residual stink forever. Not only do the towels lose that persistent smell that makes using them difficult, but their level of absorbency is also significantly increased by applying this method.

2. Steer Clear of Errors

To avoid all of those common washing and drying mistakes, you can hang a dry erase board by your laundry machine and write down all of the necessary sorting and washing information. Washing and drying mishaps take place at a frequent rate, especially when we are in a hurry, so be sure to provide yourself with regular reminders. Knowing what can and cannot go into the dryer is crucial to the long term health of your wardrobe.

3. Reducing The Effects of Clothing Shrinkage

Few things are more frustrating than dealing with shrunken clothes as the result of a laundering mistake. Fortunately, the effects of shrinkage can be reduced with ease. All you need is some lukewarm water and a small amount of baby shampoo. The mixture works its way into the fibers, allowing you to slowly stretch the clothing back out to its normal size.

4. Keeping Sneakers From Banging Around The Dryer

Tired of listening to your sneakers slam up against the dryer door? You have two different options available to you. You can either wedge the laces into the door, to keep them from getting loose and driving you crazy with their relentless pounding. Or you can simply buy a dryer bag for your sneakers and eliminate this common problem once and for all.

5. Learn To Read Your Tags

There are a wide range of laundry related issues that could be avoided completely if people learned how to read their tags and adhere to their instructions. The next time you find yourself wondering how to wash and dry your clothes, take a moment to stop and read your tags. This may seem like simple advice, but failure to decode these tags can lead to serious damage.
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