What To Do With Dip and Salad Dressing Packets

I love dip mixes. I keep mine in a plastic box in my pantry. I tend to use a lot of them but even I tend to get an overload of them once in awhile. That’s when I look for ways to use them up. One thing to remember is dip and salad dressing mixes […]

How to Keep a House Organized and Clean

If you read my post yesterday, then you have learned how to get you house in order. If you have not read it yet, you can find it here: Controlling Clutter and Getting your House Organized. Now, the bigger problem (at least for me) is how to keep your house organized.  It is so easy […]

Controlling Clutter and Getting your House Organized

Clutter seems to be one of those things that gets out of hand if you don’t constantly keep on top of it. I hear people often complaining that they feel overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start to get their house and life under control.  You can sometimes feel like you are on the […]