Time Management Tips For Moms


Happy Mothers Day Moms! Here’s a post to help you manage your time.

Where does the time go? For moms it can be very crucial to be aware of your time especially if you are a busy working mom on the go each week. Here are a few time management tips for moms that you can work towards to assist with managing each area of your life.

Keep a journal. Journal and keep a record of how you spend your time for about 1 to 2 weeks. As you become aware of your pattern, you will know how to effectively discover ways you could utilize your time properly.

Create a to-do list. Keep a daily to-do list and write down everything that will need to be accomplished for that day. After writing this down, then prioritize each item by importance. You can do this by placing the letters A, B, or C next to each item; of course “A” being the most important.

Delegate. The items that are not the “A” priority on your list can be delegated to family members or friends. As each task is completed, cross the item off your list. You may not get to some of these items. If they still need to be completed, schedule a few hours out of the week to get them done.

Combine tasks. If you are able to, try to combine tasks that make sense. For example, while folding the clothes you can talk on the phone or watch television.

– Take anything you must complete with you to appointments or anywhere else there may be a lag or wait time involved. Things that must be completed during these times could be stitch work or even reading material.

– If you have to study or listen to tapes or DVD’s, you could listen, study and memorize the material while you are driving back and forth from work.

If someone asks you to do something and you already are loaded with things to do, you can always say “no” and schedule it in if it is important to you. Learn how to utilize your time wisely.

When you build in time to do things that are not on your schedule, you will not feel so overwhelmed when these things pop up unexpectedly.

Learn to pre-plan your meals and not to waste time on the Internet or email.

In order to reduce stress levels some more, schedule personal time for yourself such as a day at the spa or time at the gym.

These time management tips for moms are very helpful for anyone who feels as if they are overloaded with things to do on a daily basis as a working mother.

How To Afford Being A Stay At Home Mom

calculatorAs a working mother, you may wish to stay home with the children but find that it is impossible nowadays to do so. Many ask themselves how to afford being a stay at home mom. With some effort, this is not impossible to do.

The first thing that is recommended is that you adjust your budget by first analyzing your spending habits. Once you do this, you may find that you are over-spending and wasting money anyway.

You also have to look at how much working at a conventional job may cost you and analyze the expenses that go along with it. Some of the expenses may be the following: childcare, gas, clothing, housekeeping, eating out, etc. Many times, because of the working schedule, parents find themselves having to pay for things out of convenience. Also, consider the taxes taken out of your paycheck before it even hits your account.

You may start to see that working does cost money. You may find that you are better off staying at home to take care of the children anyway.

For just a couple weeks, keep track of everything from credit card slips to all your expenditures. What does it cost to drive to work? Some people drive well over 50 miles a day just to work.

When you go shopping, do you try to have all the best at higher prices or is second hand shopping worth the savings? Some times you can find yourself saving over hundreds of dollars each year by shopping second hand. Of course, only make the purchase if it’s in your budget to do so.

How can you save on food? The most reasonable is avoiding the drive-thru and restaurants all together. Instead of going for named brands at the store, go for generic foods instead. I also recommend growing a garden; especially if you are into organic and natural foods. It is great when you can grow your own foods and herbs. Growing a garden doesn’t cost much at all. Places like Trader Joe’s is a holistic type of grocery store that is not expensive at all because they purchase straight from the manufacturer, which helps to cut out all unnecessary costs for the consumer.

If your family likes to eat meat, try finding a local butcher or rancher where you can freeze it in bulk. But if you are able to cut out meat all together, that would greatly reduce your cost.

Turn your home into a Green Machine. This will help you conserve costs on energy as well as give you a tax break as a homeowner.

You may not need a cell phone now that you are home, but if you still do, evaluate your plan and other options that may be more cost effective.

Many families cut out the cable and satellite services and go with mailer movies or watch television through Internet streaming.

After doing the math and taking a close look at everything you may not have to ask how to afford being a stay at home mom anymore. It’s probably more doable than what you originally thought.






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How To Deal With A Controlling Mom

Here’s the next post in our mom series this week  and one I have personally had to deal with.

Most children believe that their parents are too controlling. However there is a fine line crossing into unhealthy behavior. This article will talk about how to deal with a controlling mom and find ways to effectively make choices without letting the behavior control you.

You may be used to your mom trying to run your life or even scrutinize each decision that you try to make. Also consider that single parents (not all of them) sometimes feel like they have less control so they may be a bit overbearing to compensate for this. You can actually learn how to deal with her appealing traits if you learn how to manage the less desirable ones.

older mother adult daughterThere could be many reasons for your mom being controlling, which could stem from childhood insecurities, she had a controlling parent, etc. Know that you will never be able to actually change her. The key word here is learning how to “deal”.

Here are some tips on how to deal with a controlling mom effectively:

  • – Set your boundaries immediately. Find out the aspects of your life that you do not want to share with your mom and then remind her if that boundary is invaded.
  • – Try writing your mom a letter giving specific details on how you wish your relationship to develop.
  • – Learn how to change the subject with love. You can start a sentence like this: “I love you mom, but I wish not to discuss that with you.” And then politely change the subject when she persists.
  • – After listening to your mom, thank her for the suggestions she gives for you and then move on to more inspiring dialogue.
  • – Search for approval from yourself instead of trying to find it from your mom. Your self-confidence will help you not let her controlling tendencies get under your skin.
  • – Screen your phone calls so you can be prepared for any type of conversation that may be overbearing. You can also wait for a message to measure the significance of it.
  • – Promptly call her back when you are ready; at least within the next day. Moms who are controlling heat up if there are signs of neglect. This will help you to avoid any nagging they may come your way.
  • – Learn to appreciate your mom for caring about all things those little things in your life, no matter how small.
  • – Never feel guilty for living your life. This is sometimes a ploy from a bossy mom to make you feel guilty for hurting her feelings. No matter what, do not give in to it.
  • – Recognize the issue this person has and do not take it personally. The problem is rooted deeply within the subconscious and comes from her personality and background.
  • – Again…do not take it personally. You are not the one controlling this behavior in your mom.
  • – If you want more of a peace of mind, do some research on the subject and speak with a therapist about the behavior.
  • – When speaking to your mom, talk calmly about any concerns you may have. People tend to respond better to a calm demeanor than with bitterness or harshness.

Many people nowadays only feel safe when they sense some type of control in their life around all the fear portrayed on television and in the news regarding rape, abductions and the like.

Your mom only needs reassurance that everything will be okay. Many parents who work long hours often feel guilty for doing so. They feel more of a need to control your life than if they were mainly relaxed.

When you learn how to deal with a controlling mom, it is valuable to disengage from any environment that is not conducive to a peaceful state of mind. If you are adult age, leave the situation whenever you can. It is easier to love from afar in this situation, even if that means living down the street.






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5 of the Most Famous Mothers in the World

Mother Teresa

Here’s our second post in honor of moms. Just a few famous ones and what the power of women can accomplish!

Women have come a long way from how they were several decades, and even centuries, ago. They have taken control of their lives and have achieved numerous successes despite prejudices and several generations’ worth of misunderstandings. They have made and still continue to make their mark in the world just as their male counterparts have. In fact, here are 5 of the most famous mothers in the world that have proved the real worth of women.

Josephine Baker

After running away from home, she started performing as a dancer at an early age. With her talent in entertainment, she became popular in France and in other parts of Europe. By the time World War II ravaged the countries, she was working with the Red Cross while gathering intelligence for the French resistance. When the war ended, she and her second husband adopted a dozen children from around the world, turning her own place into a World Village, or a showplace for brotherhood. A mother gifted with a strong sense of equality, she fought for acceptance and racial equality, even earning a space beside Martin Luther King Jr.

Mother Teresa

One of the most famous mothers in the world, Mother Teresa is considered a living saint for her selfless service to the poor of Calcutta, the lepers and many others. An embodiment of limitless compassion and understanding, she has lived the life of a mother gifted with constant sacrifices, never ending service and unconditional love for others.

Marie Curie

A mother gifted with intelligence and unparalleled dedication to science, Marie Curie is the only person to have received two Nobel prizes in two different fields. She was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, a physicist and a chemist. She and her husband died as a result of their dedication to discovery and the pursuit of greater knowledge.

Queen Elizabeth – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Once the mother of England, and still a constant model of strength for women, Queen Elizabeth (or Queen Mother) is a symbol of courage and independence. A  mother gifted with a very strong will, she became an inspiration to a lot of her subjects as she stood by her people even during times of war, even refusing to leave the palace despite enduring siege.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Known as the ‘Mother of Feminism’ or the ‘First Feminist’, Mary Wollstonecraft initiated the concept of equality between men and women. In a world of tyranny and oppression, she gave voice and hope to the women in the world.

Hope this has inspired you moms! You can do anything!





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