How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

Summer can be a scary time for dogs. There is the 4th of July holiday with all the fireworks. And then there are usually lots of thunder storms in the summer with the booming thunder. Not all dogs are sensitive to these loud noises. I have 4 dogs. One of them is deaf and another one doesn’t seem to care. The other 2 are terrified of the booms and will cower in fear, or worse, they will freak out.

So how do you keep your dog safe during fireworks? Here are my tips:

  • If it’s an outside dog, please consider bringing him in for the night.
  • If you have a crate for your dog, move it to an interior room in your house that doesn’t have any windows and put a few soft blankets in there.
  • If you will be out for the evening, you might want to put a t shirt in the crate too that you have worn so your dog has your smell in the crate for comfort.
  • Put a radio on with calming music to dilute the booming noises.
  • If you don’t have a crate, then put your dog in that interior room but be aware, if he freaks out, he might scratch the door and damage it.
  • If you are home with your dog, comfort him by holding him close to you and speaking softly.
  • If you have time, call your veterinarian and see about getting some tranquilizers for your dog.
  • You can also get Anxiety Relief Drops. A friend of mine uses these for traveling with his dog with good results. My friend swears by these. They are good to keep around all year long for whenever you know your dog may be stressed out, like a trip to the groomer, traveling or 4th of July fireworks. Of course it’s too late to buy them for this 4th of July.
  • Some people have reported great success with the new calming vests.  The same friend I mentioned above got one for his dog from Amazon and he said it didn’t work for him so he returned it. But many people swear by it. It may be worth trying on your dog to see if it helps. Below is a picture and you can click on it or the link below to get more info about it:

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment vest
Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Vest


One other thing. Please keep your pet inside if you have sparklers or fireworks around. Or even if your neighbors have them. There have been so many tragic accidents with fireworks and pets, it’s just not worth the risk. This goes for any outdoor pet, not just dogs.

Have a fun, safe holiday!


Doritos, FooFoo Bunny and Odds and Ends

Yeah, I know; weird title. Just thought I’d do a blog post about  lots of little things that weren’t enough to write a  post about individually.

First of all, I want to show you the newest member of the family.

FooFoo Bunny

With 4 dogs, I need another animal like I need a whole in my head. Getting a rabbit wasn’t my idea. My younger daughter bought this bunny before Christmas because she missed having a pet. I told it wasn’t a good idea as she lives in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.

“Oh, I’m sure that just means cats and dogs. They wouldn’t mind a dwarf rabbit” she said.

“I’m sure they will mind” I countered. “No pets means no pets. And you are taking a chance of getting kicked out of a great apartment”.

Well, she didn’t listen to me and got the bunny anyway. A few days later she talked to a former resident of those apartments who told her his neighbor was kicked out for having a hamster.

So she got scared and knowing her mom (me) is such a sucker for animals, she knew I’d take care of it.

I keep calling it an it because I still can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl.

I named the bunny BunBun but then my 2 year old granddaughter started calling it FooFoo Bunny after that kid’s song “Little Bunny FooFoo”.

On to the next topic.

Now I’m betting you are wondering where the Doritos comes in. Well I have a request from my oldest daughter. I’m just going to paste her request from Facebook since she can say it better than I can:

Please help my friend, Jonathan Friedman! He entered this contest with Dorritos where he had to create a 30 second commercial that could be aired during the Super Bowl. He ended up one of the five finalists! He already won $25,000 and has a chance at $1,000,000 if he wins! It’s judged on how many votes he gets. Will you please help him and vote for him? You can vote daily and it’s real easy. Here’s the site:
His commercial is really funny. It’s called Mans Best Friend. Thanks so much!

I have been voting every day for Jonathan’s video and it’s really good. Funny and very professional. All 5 videos on there are good but his is the best.

Next on my list of things to tell you about is my new site. If you look at the theme of this site, you will probably figure out that I like the color pink. Well, I just don’t like the color pink. I LOVE the color pink! So I decided to start a website just for fun about all the interesting, beautiful and fun things I find that are pink. So if you are a fellow pinky, check it out: Best in Pink. It’s still a work in progress as I’m still working on the theme and only have a few posts on there.

Lastly, I have a request for anyone who owns a VW Bug. I have wanted one of these my whole life and am now seriously considering getting one in the next few months. Just have a few questions for you if you own one of these cuties. Just let me know in the comments.




Book Review-An Angel With Fur

An Angel With FurAlmost a month  ago, I was asked if I would like to review Russell Blake’s new book “An Angel With Fur”.  Well  hey, I love reading and I am an avid dog lover (I have 4 fur babies of my own) so I said “Heck Yeah!”.

I had heard of Russell before. I know he usually writes thrillers and has an excellent reputation of being a top notch author. This new book about his dog Lobo, sure didn’t look like his usual fare though.

I started reading this while sitting in the hospital with my mother during her final illness. The more I read, the more I felt like I was talking with an old friend about his dog. Not only is Russell the same age as I am, but Lobo is the spitting image of my dog Roxie. And reading  the story of the life and loss of a loved one at the same time that I was losing my mom,  this story hit home on many levels.

I laughed at this high spirited dog and how he kept his owners on their toes. I know we dog lovers all think our dog is special, and they are. But Lobo was one in a million. It was a joy to read about his life and what a courageous little pup he was. I laughed at parts of the book and shared them with my mother. Even in her weakened state, she would smile and chuckle at some of his antics.

Other parts of this book had me crying my eyes out. I felt like I had lost someone I loved at the end and I could feel what Russell and Lobo felt at the end. It’s been about 4 days since I finished this book, and I still think about this amazing dog.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves animals. Even if you don’t love animals, this book will help you understand the special bond we humans have with our canine companions.

Currently, this book is only available as the Kindle version on Amazon and you can find it here: Amazon. Hopefully it will come in a paper version soon. Also if you would like to read more about Russell Blake, you can find him at


Lets Try This Again-Smart Bones Winner

I announced the 2 winners of the Smart Bones giveaway a few days ago. One winner contacted me (thanks Candace) but I never heard back from the other winner.

So, let’s try this again and pick another winner.

I used the random number generator again and pulled a number. Of course the first one was me, where I was answering a comment. Okay, try again.

This time it picked Judy Thorne. I have emailed her and hopefully she will get back to me within the 3 day time limit.

Thanks again for playing,