Quick Tip-Get Rid of Ink Stains From Your Clothes

If you are a klutz like me, I bet you have at one time or another, gotten an ink stain on your clothes. With me, it’s been quite a few times.

Washing alone, won’t get the ink out. And if you wash the garment, and then dry it in the dryer, you might as well throw it out. The ink stain is set in for good.

As soon as you notice the stain, get your hairspray, the kind that has acetone in it, and spray the area of the stain liberally. Let it set for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Spray again and let it set a few more minutes and then wash in cold water in your washing machine. If the stain is still there when you remove it from the washer, repeat the above steps.

Once the stain is out, then it is safe to put the garment in the dryer.


Quick Tip-Printable Grocery Lists

I recently learned about www.PrintableGroceryList.org/grocery-lists.php and had to share it with you. This is a handy little site which has different types of grocery lists you can print out.  Click the link above and it will give you the grocery lists that you can print out and hand write your  grocery items.

But if you want to type it in, click on the category (example: meat and produce, or household) then print it, go to this link: www.PrintableGroceryList.org .  Try both ways and see which works better for you.


Quick Tip-How To Make Window Cleaner

Did you know you can easily make your own window cleaner? All you need is a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol,water and ammonia. Just put half a cup of each into the spray bottle and lightly shake to mix it up. Easy Peasy.

This solution is good for anywhere you would use a glass cleaner and on surfaces like your counter tops, appliances, and toilets and sinks too. However it isn’t good for painted surfaces.

One caveat, if your windshield and/or eyeglasses have been tinted, don’t use this solution. Instead use white vinegar and water.

Planting a Tree

When you are planting a plant or tree, loosen the root ball. This will help the plant from being stunted.

Dig the hole for the plant twice as wide as the pot it came in, and the same depth as the pot.

When placing the plant in the hole, use the same dirt that you dug out to make the hole, to fill back in around the plant.

If you use rich potting soil, the plant’s root will have a hard time growing past the rich soil to the normal soil.

planting a tree