Know Causes And Effects of A Dirty Roof


Note from Cathy: Sorry for being missing in action lately. I have been dealing with a death in the family. I’ll be back on here in a day or two but until, I have a guest post for you:

Have you been noticing stains and different growths on your roof? It is time to clean it. There are many reasons behind black algae, mold and flowering growths on your roof. Sometimes the roof is cleaner on one side but is green and dirty on the other side. The possibility of mold growth is more on the shaded parts or north facing roofs.

These long black streaks really mar the beauty of your home. Flowering growths are indicative of either lichen or moss. Black algae can harm your roof up to the extent that it spreads over the whole roof and eats up the shingle granules.

The main cause behind a stained roof is dirt and debris. Mold, algae and mildew thrive in dirt, as they get a conducive environment to grow. So remove these threats as soon as possible so that your home doesn’t get damaged. These growths may cut a fifty year shingles life expectancy in half or even less than that, also making it ugly in the process. This mold, moss or algae not only destroys your roof structure, but can also create a health hazard.

Moss: Moss multiplies on and on and can also hamper the drainage of water from your roof. This can make the water run from the sideways of the rooftop. Asphalt shingles are most prone to damage, as black algae feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in asphalt shingles. Black streaks are also caused by this type of algae which is further spread by incessant rains in rainy season.

You can hire professional cleaners London for preventive maintenance so that the roof never gets deteriorated in the first place. For mosses and lichens, just brush carefully to reduce damage to the tiles. Do not pressure was your roof to clean algae as it can cause a serious damage to your roof shingles. Install strips of copper and zinc as these release zinc carbonate and copper sulfate (chemical compounds), which works to prevent future growth of algae. The roof becomes slippery in rainy season, so avoid cleaning it in this season.

A low pressure water rinse is advisable to clean a roof, as high pressure power wash system may deteriorate the quality of your roof shingles. Replacing a roof can cots you three times of the price charged by cleaning professionals to clean your roof. A good cleaning team can restore your roof to a normal condition.






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