I Clean my Bathroom in the Nude

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Okay, I know! The title is rather suggestive. But I have a good reason for cleaning my bathroom in the nude.So if you aren’t too grossed out by the thought of an overweight middle aged woman cleaning her bathroom naked, keep reading. Don’t worry. I won’t be showing any pictures.

I only do this in my personal bathroom, not the other 2 bathrooms in the house.  I don’t bathe in the other two bathrooms.

The reason I clean this way in my own personal bathroom? Well it’s all in the steam baby!

I do this once every 2 weeks. In between then, I just do a quick wipe down of my bathroom as needed. A deep cleaning every other week also coincides with deep conditioning my hair so I kill two birds with one stone.

Here’s what I do:

  • I get in the shower and wash my hair as normal and I put the deep conditioner in my hair.
  • Then I wash the shower stall really well: all the surfaces, the tile, etc.
  • At this point the bathroom is pretty steamy from the hot water running in the shower so I turn it off.
  • I clean the bathroom vanity and sink. I won’t do the mirror now because of the steam. It would just steam back up.
  • I clean the toilet, inside and out.
  • I get all the stuff off the floor (rug, trash can, etc.) and spray some all purpose cleaner on the floor.
  • My bathroom is relatively small, so I don’t really bother with a mop for this. I just grab a couple of tattered wash cloths I keep under the sink for cleaning and put them on the floor.
  • I step on the wash cloths and “mop” with my feet until I have cleaned the whole floor. Then I just dump them in the hamper.
  • Now it’s time to get back into the shower and actually wash me. And I rinse out the deep conditioner.
  • I turn off the shower, and sometimes I’ll just wipe the shower down with a dry cloth. Other times, I’ll leave it since, after all, it is clean.
  • After I have dressed and the steam has dissipated, I’ll come back in and empty the trash and will clean the mirror.

That’s it! It has taken maybe an extra 10 minutes to do a really good cleaning in my bathroom and I have nice soft hair to boot. Sometimes, you can effectively multi-task! Out of all the bathrooms, mine is the easiest to clean and I believe this is why. The steam has loosened the dirt and has made everything so much easier to wipe up. There is very little actual scrubbing.

So give it a try sometime and let me know if it’s easier for you.


8 thoughts on “I Clean my Bathroom in the Nude

  1. such a good idea!!! and if one get’s hot and bothered after all the cleaning you get to freshen up in the shower at the end.

  2. For a year since we got a new merlanic floor, I have cleaned and polished it every Monday from my wheeldhair in the nude.
    I do all mt clothes in the washer just before I do the floor.

    I do the floor while in thhe nude. All my clothes are in the washer and I go at the floor from my wheelshair.I’d love to have one of the Ladies join me in the buff.

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