Cute Ornament Idea

Quick Tip-Start a Tradition

Fisher Price crib mobileIf you have a young family and are looking for a way to start your own Christmas traditions, here’s a great one for you.

When your baby gets too old to have their crib mobile over their crib, don’t throw it out. Cut the little figures down, leaving as much of the string that they are hanging from as possible.

Then just tie the string at the top to make a loop and now you have cute little Christmas ornaments!

When you decorate the tree, let your child hang his or her special ornaments and tell them where they came from.

It will become a cherished tradition.

3 thoughts on “Cute Ornament Idea

  1. It’s a cute idea, but I think it would also be very nice to just donate the crib mobile to someone with a new baby instead of tossing it or destroying it. 🙂

  2. I actually did give all the mobiles away from my 3 kids. But, now that they are grown, I wish I had opted for this idea instead. It would be a nice remembrance of their baby hood.

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