Decorating Ideas For The Non-Decorator

living roomDecorating your home. Do you love it or hate it? I think I would love it. If I were actually any good at it. You’d think being artistic would give me an edge on decorating but sadly, it doesn’t.

I think part of my problem is, I’m not sure of my style. I love elements from so many styles. Maybe the closest I can come to defining my style is that it’s “eclectic”.

Finding your design style and creating the decor for your home doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process.

First, make a folder. Either on your computer or a real notebook or folder or preferably both. I use both. When I come across pictures online of decorating ideas, rooms or colors I love, I stick these in my decorating folder on my computer. I have my folder in my bookmarks section on my browser. Likewise, if find a picture in a magazine or something, I’ll tear it out and put it in my physical notebook.

Some places to get ideas for your own decorating are:

  • Decorating blogs (there are tons of them, just google it).
  • Homes you visit (friends, family, model homes for new housing developments)
  • Books, catalogs and magazines.
  • (look for a guest article on this coming up soon!)
  • Stores such as furniture stores, home sections in department stores and stores like Pottery Barn and Pier One.

Don’t think too much about this process. When you see a picture you like, don’t think “That would never work in my house” or “I’m not brave enough to actually use that color on my walls”. If the picture calls to you; if you get a little smile when you see it, when you feel happy just looking at it; then store this picture in your decorating files. By doing this and not over thinking it, it will eventually reveal to you your own style. You want to live in a home that represents your personality and make you feel comfortable and happy, right?

After several months, go back through your files and look at the pics. You should be noticing a theme popping up. You may see many of the same colors or design styles in your pictures. Now you know what to look for when designing your rooms.

If you have a specific room you are ready to decorate, go through your files and pull out the pictures that are relevant to that room (bedroom pictures if you want to decorate a bedroom). But don’t let that limit you. There is no reason you can’t put some elements from a living room  into a bedroom such as color palette, drapes, nick-knacks,etc.

As you are looking at your pictures, imagine how that aspect will look in your room. You can pick and choose certain things from each picture to add to the room or for some, it’s easier just to find a picture of a room they like and try to copy the ideas as close as possible.

Doing these things you should get a good idea of how to decorate your own home. If you still get hung up on it, ask a friend who has great taste to help you. Show her your decorating files and  see if she will help you come up with a concrete plan.

I know what some of you are thinking. You are thinking, “this would be great if I lived alone but I’m married”. What about my husband’s style?

Valid question. Some may have husbands like I had who didn’t really care how his home was decorated as long as it was comfortable. That was a mixed blessing. It allowed me to decorate the way I wanted but it would have been really helpful to have some input at times.

If your partner does want to help choose furniture and so forth, it may be too much to ask him to start his own decorating file. If he’s open to that, great. Then you can go through his stuff and see if there is anything in there you like too. You can add your own decorating elements to truly make it a collaboration.

The other thing you can do is get him to look through your decorating files and see if there is anything in there that piques his interest. Then you can go from there.

Good luck and Happy Decorating!


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