Do Your Sponges Need A Calendar?

Nasty sponge I am embarrassed to admit that I usually let my sponges get to this point (see photo at left). I have good intentions. My plan is to use one sponge for the kitchen for about a month. Then even though that sponge isn’t too yucky and worn, I’ll switch to a fresh sponge for the kitchen and use the older sponge for cleaning one of the bathrooms. I do clean them every week, either in the microwave or the dishwasher.

That’s my intentions anyway. In reality, I use the sponge until it’s too gross to use anymore anywhere and then I throw it away and buy a new one. It’s one of my flaws I guess. One of many.

So when I got contacted awhile back by a company asking me if I wanted to try and review their sponges, I was game. The company is called Calendar Sponge .

They make sponges with the month printed on the front of the sponge so after the month is up, you just throw it away and go to the next month’s sponge. No more groady disgusting sponges that are falling apart.

Now, first I want to let you know I got this product for free but I’m not receiving any monetary compensation for this review.

Here’s a photo of how they look when you receive them in the package:

Calendar sponges in pack

That’s a lot of sponges!

Okay, I have finished with January’s sponge and am now using February’s sponge.

Here are my thoughts on this:

The Positive:

  • I really like having the reminder printed on the sponge.
  • It’s a good quality sponge that cleans well.
  • I like having a year’s supply at hand.

The Negative:

  • The only negative I found, and this really isn’t the company’s fault, is that it’s hard find a place to store all those sponges. I tried putting them in a gallon sized storage bag to store under my kitchen sink, but they didn’t all fit in it. So now, they are in 2 gallon sized bags.

So when I’m done with these, will I buy another year’s worth?  You betcha! It’s a great idea and works well for me.

Check them out here:

Calendar sponges




Article by Cathy Ratcliffe




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