Dress up Your Pumpkin

Pretty pumpkin centerpiece

I know it’s getting a little late for Halloween crafts. But,you can use this pretty pumpkin centerpiece through Thanksgiving. If you do make one of these and plan to keep it out that long, I suggest using a fake pumpkin.

I’m a life long crafter and even have a business making personalized Christmas ornaments. But I have found that the last few years, I go for easy and simple crafts. This pumpkin is about as easy as it can be but I often get comments on how pretty it is.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Pumpkin craft suppliesFake or real pumpkin
  • scissors (use ones that aren’t real important to you as you will be cutting through things that have a little wire in them)
  • Wire edged Ribbon
  • Sparkly Fall Garland

*Note* This stuff is really cheap right now at craft stores. They are clearing the Fall stuff out to make way for Christmas stuff so you can get these supplies for just a few dollars.

Ribbon on pumpkinMeasure a length of ribbon to wrap around the pumpkin with about 6 extra inches. Cut and tie at the top. Repeat again on the opposite side. Curl the edges under (this is why you use wire edged ribbon).

Add sparkly vine

In between the ribbon wrapped sides, repeat the exact same process with the sparkly Autumn garland.

And Voila! A beautiful pumpkin that would look great on your dining room table or coffee table all Autumn long!


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