Easy Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

I love this post! But then I’m an organizing junkie! Here’s a great post from Nicole Rodgers.organized kitchen

Keeping the kitchen organized and tidy is something that is easily accomplished but can be difficult to do if one does not know where to start. There are a few different areas in the kitchen and a few suggestions when it comes to getting this busy room in order.
The first inclination would be to pull everything out and start organizing. Before doing this, a thorough inventory will help to show what exactly is in every cupboard and cabinet. In doing this, one may find that there are two bread makers and an excessive amount of glass ware in the kitchen. Things easily have a way of piling up in the back of cupboards without being noticed.

Once the inventory is completed, things can be thrown out, donated or stored. If there are items in the kitchen that are only getting used once a year, do they need to be in a cupboard where more essential things can be stored? If there are items that do not need to be in the kitchen, but are not yet ready to be given away, they can be stored. If concerned with keeping too much clutter, a good trick would be to give the item an expiration date. If that bread maker is not used within a year of being stored, it should be thrown out or donated.

After the items are organized and trimmed down, a plan for the kitchen should be drawn up. It is best to organize this room into section. It makes the most sense to keep similar items in one area. For example, all of the baking dishes and baking supplies should be in the same general area. This will make things go more smoothly when cooking. This is a chance to totally reorganize the drawers and cabinets.

In addition to grouping similar things together, items that are used frequently and on a daily basis should be in the main section of the kitchen. Spices and seasonings should be in easy to reach cabinets and the larger and heavier items should be stored at a lower level. When cooking and preparing meals, there should be a natural flow to the work and having everything organized accordingly will facilitate this.

When it comes to organizing flatware and small kitchen gadgets, the use of drawer dividers can greatly increase the usable space found here. These will come in a variety of different styles and options. Drawer trays should be purchased so that they are large enough to accommodate the largest tools or pieces that need to be stored.

If there is unused wall space, this area can be used to place items within easy reach. A wall mounted rack or peg board can help to organize small utensils, pot holders and more.

The refrigerator and freezer can also be cleaned and organized at this time. Expired and old items need to be thrown out and the various bins and storage sections of the refrigerator used accordingly with similar things being grouped together. Having the freezer well organized into sections with everything appropriately labeled will help to ensure that things are easy to locate in here.

Kitchen organization is something that is simple to attain with a basic plan and a little bit of work. One may be surprised at the transformation after a little bit of cleaning and organizing.


Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for three years; one way she believes keeps a kitchen clean and organized is to reduce junk mail that sits on the counter tops.  She has a cubby hole in her kitchen to place the mail daily so that it does not get in the way of her cooking and cleaning.

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  1. My family and friends joke around that I am OC. I just love organized stuff, and I like what I see in the pic. The cabinet looks great and clean and neat. This is what I want to see in my home.

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