My Most Embarrassing Online Moment

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I was recently reading an article in Family Circle magazine titled “Is Facebook Ruining your Friendships?”. One of the situations it talked about was  a woman who posted to one of her friends about how much she enjoyed her friend’s son’s bar mitzvah and how it was the first one she went to that didn’t give her a migraine. Unfortunately she forgot that all her other friends were on Facebook too. Friends whose bar/bah mitzvahs  gave her migraines. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over too well.

It got me to thinking about this wonderful world wide web we are on and how social networking has changed our lives. In most cases, it’s a good change. It’s a way to connect to those who live far away. But it can also cause some embarrassing moments too. We have to think before our fingers start typing: “What will the consequences be of what I’m about to say?”

I have had a few embarrassing moments myself online. I even got myself chastised and had my post removed from a forum once for daring to show a little vulnerability to the group and say something about a family problem I was having. I really loved that forum too but never felt comfortable posting on there again. It definitely made me think twice about revealing personal problems.

Unfortunately I still manage to put my foot in my mouth once in awhile. I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there who does.Right?

The last incident happened a few months ago. I heard on several different blogs about this great book that was popular now and how it would change your life. I think I must have heard it on 2 different blogs and on twitter too. So, with that many personal recommendations, I went ahead and bought the Kindle version.

I hated the book. Now this book was on the best sellers list in the USA so I’m sure it has some redeeming qualities. I just found it redundant and slow. The author took 3/4 of the book to say what could have been said in one chapter. I couldn’t even finish the book because I was so tired of waiting until he finally answered the question of what the book was actually supposed to be about.

So when I read another blog post by someone talking about this “wonderful” book, I had to pipe up and put my two cents in. I made a comment about how I must be the only dissenter but I really hated the book. And I gave my reasons why.

Imagine my surprise a few days later when the author of the book himself apologized to me in the comments for ‘boring me to tears’! He did say that the criticism he received on that book was the same that I stated so I felt just slightly more justified in my views but  I was  still so embarrassed! I never in a million years thought the author would read that blog. He must have had a Google Alert for his name or the book’s name or something.

Anyway, this experience has made me come up with a new rule for anything I do online. Here it is:

Don’t write anything about anyone that you wouldn’t be comfortable with that person reading. Because it’s very likely that they will see it.

So please make me feel better about my faux pas and tell me what was your most embarrassing moment online?





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