Everyday Giving

cashIn the bustle of life, the job, family responsibilities, hobbies, and other pursuits, it can be easy to forget about social responsibilities like charitable giving. Whether you believe in doing so for religious or for humanitarian reasons, most would agree that it’s important not to lose sight of that goal. There are many easy ways to give on a daily basis without the need to bring yourself extra stress.

Some people believe that you must be rich and famous, or retired in order to make a reasonable charitable contribution to any organization. However, this is not the case. The two chief characteristics required for anyone to participate in giving are simple, and anyone can possess them: you must be willing and able.

It can be easy to work a small amount into a savings plan, which will help you to create a fund for your giving. For most organizations, every small amount helps. For example, for only $30 a month, a small school child in Kenya could be fed, given school supplies, and clothed. Even small amounts of money when added all together can be used to do something wonderful together. Setting aside small amounts of money each month can help you not to lose track of your giving, even with a busy schedule.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough money left over to give financially to charities. Everyone can recognize the difficulty of balancing a budget, particularly if you don’t make a particularly large salary, and the added family responsibilities you may face can make charitable giving seem nearly impossible. However, there are also alternatives to monetary giving.

Giving of your time, while it may seem inconsequential can be far more valuable for some organizations. The need for volunteers to serve a variety of purposes within organizations is perhaps higher than ever. Many non-profit organizations cannot afford to pay members to carry out various tasks, which may be vital to the day-to-day activities or the real business of the organization. In addition, many local charities may need help with coordination and volunteering of local events, and welcome the chance for others to meet their giving obligations through service.

Service is perhaps one of the most underestimated functions of a charity or non-profit organization. Most people are more interested in the seemingly glamorous positions out front, in the spotlight. However, the much less flashy opportunities that present themselves are a great way for people to step up and feel as though they’re able to give something real and tangible without reaching into their wallets.

If you have no extra money to give, consider volunteering your time. In some ways your willingness to give your time and energy may show volumes more about your character than money.

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