Finding Original Period Doors – Where to Look

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For a large proportion of the doors produced today design and aesthetics are considered a clear second fiddle to affordability and availability. Have a think about it; when was the last time you were in a DIY shop, walked past the door aisle and thought “wow, I love the look of these”? It just doesn’t happen. Unfortunately it’s not just the door market that is flooded with affordable yet uninspiring options; most everyday furniture has suffered from design dilution over the last couple of decades.

For these reasons the “vintage” furniture market has seen a huge revival. People are going out of their way to find individual items which can become focal points of the room they will adorn. No one item is currently more sought after than original period doors; they provide a visually interesting replacement to their 21st century counterpart and add an immediate period feel to rooms and corridors.

But where should you look? The canny vintage buyers out there won’t typically give up their spots, especially as interest increases whilst supply continues to go down. Which is why we have put together this article, to give you some tips on how to find the perfect period door.

Yard sales

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Yard sales are the perennial source of quality second-hand furniture at typically great prices. Most quality yard sales will be listed in your local paper a week before the sale; be sure to make a note. Once you know where they are; be sure to get there as early as possible. You aren’t going to be the only person trying to find a bargain.

Top tip: take the time to map out your shortest route around the local yard sales and spend less time driving around.

Renovation projects

Fortunately not everyone likes the look of period doors, which is why you should always be on the lookout for local renovation projects. If you see a team of builders gutting a period home why not ask if they are getting rid of anything; they would much rather you take items than use up space in their dumpster.



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Craigslist is honestly a treasure trove of vintage items and a place where if not careful, you could end up spending most of your day looking through. Period doors are a relatively easy item to find as there is typically less interest in them than cupboards or dressers. The key is to see through the bad photos and often worse colour schemes; most vintage items won’t be in perfect condition when you find them.

At home

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This may sound a bit strange, but have you ever taken the time to see what doors you have at home? Maybe over the years they have been painted over or moved to the garage; either way there is always value in looking for items at home first. You could get very lucky and have a pair already hanging up…



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People are constantly throwing away furniture and other items which we would consider salvageable and in many cases beautiful. The key is to constantly have an eye open for dumpsters and other places where unwanted items are dropped off. We always say that a true scavenger never stops looking. Never stop looking.

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  1. This is a great little guide! Getting thrifty is always the best way to find a good steal. As an added bonus, if you can learn how to distress paint or wood finishes you’ll be in great shape. Some paint, sandpaper, and a hammer can go a long way if you like that rustic vintage look. Thanks for the info!

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