Flower Gardening Basics

Do You Want Flowers In Your Yard This Summer? It’s Not Too Late

flower gardenWith Spring in full swing now, are you thinking about starting a flower garden? Actually you should have planned this out earlier (like in February) but it’s still not too late to add some color to your yard.

First you need to know if you want to plant perennials or annuals. I prefer perennials because they will come back year after year.

You can find some beautiful annuals too but be aware they usually only last the one year (or growing season). Occasionally, the seeds will drop off into the soil and you will get new plants the following year but don’t count on that.

In deciding on how to plan your garden, make sure you get plants that grow well in your zone. You can find out what zone you are in here: National Gardening Association. If you buy your plants locally, they usually will be okay for your area. But if you are buying them online, do a little research so you won’t be wasting your money.

Next, decide where in your yard you want the garden to go. Will there be a lot of sun there? If there isn’t be sure to pick flowers that do not need the full sun.

If the area does not get a lot of rain, be prepared to water your plants on a daily basis. It’s best to water in the early morning or early evening in the summer.

If you live near the coast like I do, your soil is probably too sandy. You can remedy this by mixing in some peat moss and compost.

Of course if you live in an area where there is a lot of clay in the soil, you should still add compost to make the soil more nutrient rich but also add a little sand so the soil will drain better.

No Matter what type of soil you have, you really should add compost to it. You can easily make compost yourself or you can buy it at places like Home Depot, Lowes, your local garden center and Amazon

Since flowers bloom at different times of the season and even different times of the year, you can plan your garden so it always has some blooming flowers in it. There are even flowers that will bloom in some areas in the winter. Winter pansies are one of them. There’s something very cheery about seeing bright flowers in your flower bed while it’s still cold outside.

Anyway, back to your summer garden. Remember to clip off any dead leaves and blossoms from your plants. This will encourage them to bloom even more, especially annuals.

You also want bugs in your garden. Yes, I said bugs. Insects. But not all insects. Some are detrimental to your garden such as aphids. Others are good.

Bees and butterflies help with pollinating. Worms make compost and keep your soil loose. Dragonflies, ladybugs, garden spiders, and praying mantis’ will eat harmful insects.

Something else to think about when planning out your garden is the color scheme. Personally I have lots of different colored flowers growing together. My flower beds look kind of like a kaleidoscope. But I have seen some pretty colors grouped together like purple, blue and pink or even red, white and blue.

Don’t feel bad if your garden doesn’t turn out great the first year or if you find you have some problems. There are loads of online forums, blogs and sites dedicated to helping you with your gardening problems. Also your local garden center is usually a wealth of knowledge about diseases or other problems you may encounter with your plants.

And a lot of it is just trial and error. Like everything else, the more you work at it and learn about it, they better it gets. Good luck and I’d love to see pictures of your flower beds.

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  1. People relate flower gardening together with individual achievement. Each and every individual who cultivates flowers seeks some aesthetic success; the pleasure doesn’t come from the mere gardening duties alone. We all wish to notice outcomes. Several individuals take up flower gardening as a pastime, to decorate the little region close to the house, while others may actually change this in to a long term occupation or a company. It depends upon your individuality, your requirements, space you can use and also the budget limits.

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