Flower Gardens as Part of Landscaping

flower gardenLandscaping is the decorating of your outside property. Just like you decorate the inside of your house, you can decorate your yard too.

It goes beyond what plants are planted. It includes the trees, stepping stones or walk ways, the porch, the covering in your garden (pebbles, mulch, etc.) and of course the flowers too. Your flower garden should be peaceful, a place to enjoy nature and to relax. In my opinion it should be relatively easy to keep up with too.

Your flower gardens and flower beds should reflect the personality of the gardener/owner. Some are bright and colorful, some are romantic, some are elegant, some are just plain cute. The flowers should be an extension of the rest of your landscaping and should blend well.  It should be beautiful to everyone who views it

When designing your landscaping, keep the elements of design in mind. Texture, color, line, scale and form are all elements.

For the flower garden part of your landscaping, color is the biggest thing to consider. Use flowers that don’t clash together but also do get a lot  of different colors.

Different shapes (the form) play a big part of designing your garden too. You don’t want everything the same shape. Vary the shapes by having some bushy, some tall, some lush, etc.

Cute little fences or other containment devices such as rocks or bricks can bring in the line element in your garden. It will help with the flow of your garden.

The eye should always flow as naturally as possible around a landscape, and the patterns should be pleasing to the eye.

Size is an important aspect. I have mentioned this in other gardening articles but it bears repeating. Keep your smaller flowers in the front. And then have them graduate in size to the largest plants in the back. You want to make sure all the plants can be seen.

There are other things you can do to make your landscaping special. Water for instance. A peaceful little water fall or fountain in your garden can add a lot of life to it. A little ornamental pond too can be a wonderful addition.

Texture can be added in a variety of ways but the way I like the best is with your walkway. There are so many options in materials you can use for them. Sand, stones, pebbles, bricks or cobblestone are some.

Go with a theme with your garden. Is it tropical or more like an English garden? Or maybe more wild and natural.

Happy gardening!


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