Fun games for kids when it’s rainy


bored kidsRainy weather tends to be a pretty tough time for little ones. For people of all ages, it is also a time to rest and recuperate. It is a time to stay indoors, watch a lot of TV and just hope that the weather gets better sooner rather than later, so you can go outside and enjoy it again. But, kids are hyperactive, they have energy to burn, and it does not take them very long to start suffering from a bout of cabin fever. Luckily, kids have a ton of imagination and creativity to spare as well, and this makes it much easier to find ways to still have fun indoors.

Physical Activities

If there is one thing kids love to do when they are outdoors, it is to workout. Of course, I do not mean doing push-ups or anything like that, but they might as well with all that energy and stamina they have. Any parent knows how hard it is to corral a kid, and how exhausting it is to try to keep up with them. During rainy times, kids tend to not get out as much and therefore don’t exercise enough. But, there are some ways to recreate that environment in the home- without getting too messy in the process.

Scavenger Hunt: Hide things around the house, give the kids a list of what they need to find, and let them go at it. They may tear up the house in the process, but at least they are getting some exercise and having fun. You can even amp up the fun level by making it pirate themed, eye patches and all.

One Leg Challenge/ Lava Floor: These games can keep kids entertained forever. See how long they can stand and move around on one leg, or see if they can hop around the house without touching the carpet (because it is made of hot lava, and it can kill you!)

Balloon Safari: Blow up a bunch of balloons- like a room full- and let the kids try to see how many they can pop.

Fun and Games

There are other options for people who do not want their kids going bananas inside the home, and potentially breaking something. Instead, you can keep the kids semi-tamed and they will still have fun.

Build a fort: Grab as many blankets and pillows as you can, and build a fort out of it. This is an all-time favorite amongst kids, and will keep them warm when it’s cold.

Crafts: Break out the pencils, markers, playdo, and whatever other arts and crafts materials you might have. This is a great way to keep your kids fresh and creative instead of stagnant while in front of the TV.

Board games: This is another classic indoor activity for kids. But, it is important to keep in mind that eventually someone will cry or get mad, and you will probably hear “it’s not fair!” more times than you would like to. Regardless, it’s usually worth it in the end!

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