5 Funky Bedding Sets For Your Contemporary Bedroom

Below is a guest post. I got to say, I’m in love with those letter cushions!

1) Scrabble Cushions

Scrabble bedding set

With the simple beauty of typographical design, these Scrabble cushions will balance darker bedspreads with ease. The boldness of the letter on each cushion will also work perfectly in a lighter setup, giving a crisp, trendy look to any modern bedroom. Scrabble fans will appreciate the creative use of vocabulary to score high with these cushions. Since this set is based on white material, they can be washed easily in any machine on normal settings. Each cushion is 40cm x 40cm.

2) Reversible Rock UK Duvet Cover Set

rock beddin set

Aimed directly at the younger crowd, this trendy bed set will express any Brit’s pride in his heritage.With its modern grunge design, this set is sure to place any bedroom apart from the rest by recalling the golden age of London punk rock. Britons with a combination of patriotism and edgy tastes will love sleeping warm underneath this unique bedspread.

3) Bop Dot Bedding By Dream Factory Bedding

Bop Dot bedding set

This children’s bedding sets is clearly inspired by the timeless designs of the pop art era, with huge polka dots printed in a wide variety of retro colors. Children will enjoy the bold tones and parents will appreciate the excellent design potential inherent in this set. When sleepers feel like a change of pace, they can simply flip the bedspread to reveal bright solid orange. This versatile bed set comes in both twin and full sizes and includes a pillow sham, pillow case, comforter, flat sheet and fitted sheet.

4) Jake Red Bedding

Jake Red bedding set

This set plays on the eyes with an almost illusory quality reminiscent of seventies horror movies. It’s guaranteed to dazzle anyone who comes in contact with it, particularly in combination with matching design elements such as funky wallpaper and lampshades. The bed set’s unique geometric design combining beige and red on an off-white background creates a truly unique look. Larger versions of the same design are present on the pillows in this set, creating an amplified, modernistic effect. This set is available in both twin and full versions and includes retro hexagonal pillows.

5) Aliza Black Tiger Lily Bedding

  TigerLily bedding set
This bed set, featuring huge, colorful Tiger Lilies and multicolored striped accents, is perfect for anybody with a bold, cheerful personality and a love for gardening. It is available in full size, with two shams, two pillowcases, a duvet cover and a flat sheet.







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