Give Your Home Some Personality: Add Charm to Any Room

Charming RoomDelight in the freedom of design by adding personality to your home. The power of attraction begins with charm so scatter it throughout your world. Want some original ways to create a charming living environment for you and your loved ones?

Trim the Curtains

Love a fabric and/or pattern but can’t afford to do all of your house’s window treatments orĀ window blinds in it? House Beautiful suggests making it a trim and sewing it to neutral curtains (or having someone do this for you). You’ve got this totally unique faded burnt orange that blends perfectly with your couch trim, but the fabric is Harlequin (fancy and expensive). What do you do? Make a two to four inch wide border and voila, you’ve got fancy and expensive curtains (*wink*).

Charmed, I’m Sure

Do not be shy to incorporate actual charms into your home. And by charms I mean any of the unique decorations you’ve picked up along your life’s journey. Hang your Chinese long-life wall plaque proudly in your kitchen as a reminder that eating better leads to living a longer life. Put up your New York City Ballet wall poster in the music room as a tribute to the graceful dancers that enlighten your holidays every year. Hang your crystal collection in front of a window so the light can shine through to create little rainbows across your wall and ceiling as the sun sets. Add a plant to soften any look.

Create an Indoor Garden

There couldn’t be much more charming than adding natural elements into your home. Humans are about 70 percent water so it’s only fitting to bring the earth, water, air and fire inside. Plants help purify the air. Apartmenttherapy suggests you bring in a garden by filling pots with plants and flowers. Mix shapes, colors and textures of both plant and pot to make any space your own little sanctuary. Use salvaged wood or fill wine crates with dirt for a weathered garden container. A window nook is an ideal spot for your plants to thrive in the sunlight and sleep during the night.

Some suggestions:

  • Spruce and groom your little guys. By keeping them healthy and clean, they’ll be shiny and luxurious.
  • Use a mirror to reflect light if you’ve placed your plants in a darker space.
  • If you are known to forget about your plants, consider ivy or cacti as these live with little water and maintenance.
  • If you are known to over-water plants, suggests you try parlor palms or tropical flowers and plants.

Stack Books and Old-World Luggage

So many books, so little time. What to do with all the books? Stack them and create a side table. Stack them on a weathered-wood vintage chair that sits against a wall as a decoration. They can add height and width, unique color and texture. And, if you are in “relax and read” mode, they are kept handy and accessible. Stack ’em high and stack ’em proud.

Old-World luggage can give a vintage yet industrial look to your room, as well. Antique suitcases add classic charm to any space. Stack them as a coffee table or simply beside the arm of your couch and use them as a side table. Much like books, utilize them to add height and character.

Mix Design Elements

Open your front door to a pleasing, eclectic den of mixed details. Try vintage-modern by marrying weathered retro with polished geometry. Mix romanticism with steel or integrate a touch of cubism into your traditional decor.

Tiffany Graham

Tiffany is a writer who is passionate about sustainable living. She is a design consultant who helps homeowners incorporate “green” living into their daily lives.






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  1. Great ideas and tips. I love the color burnt orange. People are sometimes surprised by the lift that burnt orange can give to anything project. I’ve used touches here and there in a quilt. It was awesome. Thanks.

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