Got $20 In Your Pocket? Embrace Thrift Store Finds

SarisWorking around a tight budget takes effort and planning. When you need to stretch money a little further, thrift store finds can help. Only a few dollars are necessary to buy many of the items you need, and you can make a statement with the vintage styles you bring back to fashion.

Buying From a Thrift Store

Buying clothes or other such items from a charity store might not seem like a popular trend, but it’s gaining awareness due to the new hit single by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis called “Thrift Shop.” According to, part of the benefit Macklemore sees in charity shopping and buying used is the opportunity to gain personal style. states that Macklemore calls the search for the perfect style item in a thrift store a treasure hunt. The goal is using personal creativity to put together an outfit or several outfits from vintage clothing without spending a fortune.

The Benefits of Recycled Fashion

Buying from a thrift shop is beneficial when you’re trying to reduce expenses or manage a tight budget. It’s also beneficial if you’re working on gaining financial freedom. reports that it’s possible to gain financial freedom by taking measures to reduce your costs, giving you more money to work with. You can reduce stress and create less waste if you’re applying frugality in various areas of your life. By using a small amount of money, clothing items or other used products not going into a landfill, you’re cutting back on the waste of others while gaining the benefit of a new vintage outfit.

Apply Thrift Store Shopping to Other Areas of Your Life

The goal of shopping charity is cutting back on expenses, enjoying creative styles and getting finances into a good position. This idea can apply to other areas of your life, like buying a car and other such items that are hand-me-down to get a better value.

When finances are a little tight, it’s better to buy a used vehicle. The bad credit car loans at DriveTime can help you purchase a vehicle when you’re working on cutting back, saving more and getting your credit back on track. When you buy a used vehicle, you’re making the purchase easier to manage. Try also getting approved for funding that might otherwise be limited.

After putting less money into your vehicle, clothing or other household items, you’ll have more money to work with financial goals and needs. You can use the extra money you save from frugal living habits to invest, pay down debts and reduce the amount you spend on credit cards, reported. Ultimately, this method will give you a greater amount of financial freedom.

Macklemore has brought hand-me-down style to the attention of the nation in his song. By embracing the idea of shopping for used items, it’s possible to live a lifestyle that enjoys the luxuries without paying the shocking price. Buying items used will save a small fortune over a lifetime and allow you to create new fashions and styles with vintage items.
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