Grey is the New Cream in Interior Decorating

grey lampGrey is the New Cream

Grey is emerging as the neutral tone of choice in 2012. The cool and conservative color ranges from dark charcoal to soft pearl. The color is calming while evoking strong emotion. When paired with purple, orange, chartreuse or white, it can be quite a compelling and emotive. While grey was once only a Swedish staple in design, it has more recently captured the world with its mystique and soothing, yet stately appeal.

Shades of Grey

Grey is often spelled “gray” and can be presented with numerous undertones that provide incredible variety to the color palette. Because it has undertones of blue, purple, green or brown, grey can be worn with both cool and warm colors easily. The cooler grey seems to have captured the hearts of many fashionistas who prefer lavenders and silvery blues to complement their fashions.

Grey Enters The Fashion Scene

Though grey has often been mistaken for a mood-killer, fashionistas are redefining it to be more versatile. Grey is making its way into the offices and weddings in America. There isn’t an event where grey cannot be considered a welcome color. It is understated and bold at the same time.

Grey is quickly proving its worth as a neutral in the color palette, similar to how cream is used. However grey has a stronger presence and a more calming effect on people with lighter skin tones. Neutral creams can often be attractive but blend into the skin. Grey stands out boldly in the crowd.

Even children’s attire works well with this color. A simple grey dress with a pink contrasting ribbon works wonderfully. Whether gray is used in a plaid print or Argyle sock, it can be quite the complement. Girls can wear grey to play dates, schools or brunch with the family. It is perfect for the entire family.

Grey can be used in business attire. Grey slacks, skirt or suit jacket complements most shirts or blouses. The color is acceptable in most business settings. From an interview to a board meeting, grey can be professional without being drab. Fashion-forward folks can still remain appropriately stylish and contemporary when grey is worn into the office.

Grey is even acceptable for formal attire. Many brides have complemented their white wedding dresses with grey satin sashes or dressed their bridesmaids in grey with lavender, blue, green or pink sashes. The options are endless.

Grey in the Public Space

Grey is not only confined to fashion, rather it is emerging in home fashion as well. Grey walls are the perfect contrast in rooms where pastel colors are used. Beach and summer homes often use grey with white crown molding to allow maximum lighting into the room. Grey in the home can be used to help people relax and unwind after a long day at work or at play. From the bedroom to the living space, grey can be seen as the new cream.

Consider How Grey Can Work For You

Consider how grey can work for you in your spring, summer, fall and winter wardrobe. Depending on the undertones, it can work all year around. A lighter grey works for spring and summer and dark charcoal for the fall and winter months.

Byline: Vincent Feri is an interior design blogger who writes on behalf of Battery Park City Apartments.







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