Grocery Secrets Manufacturers Do Not Want You To Know

grocery shoppingI actually assumed the following tips were common knowledge to most folks. But when I did random surveys with the people I know, most of them didn’t know them. So there may be at least a few things here that you don’t know either.

Most of us would like to believe that coupons were put on this earth to help us save money. Actually they were made to get us to buy something we weren’t planning on buying. If the coupon is for something you normally buy or maybe for something you have been wanting to try, then it’s a good deal for you and I say go for it.

And if you are lucky enough to still have stores that offer double and triple value of the coupons, then definitely go for it. You may end up not paying anything for the item.

One of the tricks to get more value from your coupons is to buy the smallest size allowed and use as many coupons as possible. By that, I mean sometimes, you can find a store coupon for a product and a manufacturer’s coupon too. Most stores will allow you to use both.

Have you noticed the size and shape of some of the containers of  food and cleaning products have been changing? I have and it’s an attempt by the manufacturers to make you think you are getting the same amount as always. When really they just changed the packaging. If you check the ounces or whatever measurement is used, you will see it’s less.

And often, they raise the price too! I guess they think we consumers are just stupid. I don’t think consumers are stupid but I do think many people are unaware of what’s going on.

Something else that is changing is the amount of sugar put in food. Often it’s put in food that you would never think of. You can find it in kidney beans, peanut butter, bread, and more. It may not be listed as sugar in the ingredients but it will usually have “ose” on the end of it: Sucrose, fructose, dextrose and more.

Here’s another thing to watch out for. Many packaged products have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil in them. There are a few that don’t so read the labels. You really don’t want much of the hydrogenated oils in your diet if you want to keep your heart healthy.

A little trick to see how much of any one ingredient is in a product is to look at the order of ingredients on the label. They are listed in order of amount used. So the first item on the list will have the most of that ingredient in the product.

Another trick that manufacturers play is to make you think you are getting whole grains when you aren’t. Unless the package says 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat, it isn’t whole grains.

One good thing that you may not know about is that frozen fruits and vegetables usually have more vitamins than fresh veggies and fruits. That’s because they are flash frozen soon after picking and the nutrients are preserved. Fresh veggies and fruit start to lose their vitamins the longer they are allowed to off the vine, and exposed to air.

A myth that many may believe is that the store brand version of products is inferior to the name brands. Actually most store brands and generic brands are made by the name brands but packaged differently. Sometimes you can find out which brand name they come from by reading the label.

So don’t discount them before giving them a chance and trying them out.

Are there any grocery secrets that you know about that I don’t? Please share in the comments!







5 thoughts on “Grocery Secrets Manufacturers Do Not Want You To Know

  1. Hey honey this is a great post. I learned quite a few things that I did not know about shopping.
    Now I have to come back and read your comments to see what others might add to your great list.
    Hope all is well and your having a great week.

  2. Thanks Maggie! You may be the only comment here. I seem to have feast or famine when it comes to comments. Hope you are having a good week too.

  3. i just wanted to say that although i have never visited your site before i think you have the manufacturers number! i notice all the time that re-packaging of products are happening almost on a daily basis and so far i have not found one that has the same or more product. always less. clever packaging is a great ruse on the unsuspecting shopper and it is a shame. i see people all the time looking at a product that has changed it’s look and usually will tell them to check how much is really in it. if they know how much was in the original packaging they are grateful for the heads up. i have had others however that look at me like i am an alien come down to interfere with their shopping trip! most people now are hip to the rip-offs so they don’t need telling. i hear them commenting on it themselves. others, well, all you can do is try to help. if only 1 of 10 take the advice that is one more looking out for scams.

    as for the coupons, you are right on the money. i started couponing seriously about 4 months ago after my husband was laid off work. we now have to watch every penny. i was printing every coupon i could get my hands on for “just in case it goes on sale i might buy it” reasons and have found myself throwing 90% out because they expire shortly after being printed. even the inserts in the paper which used to give you a couple of months to use but have now gone down to about 30 days or so. now i only print ones i KNOW i will use as printer ink and paper are not cheap. saving a few cents vs paper and ink sometimes cancel each other out!

    walmart is the best coupons – they give you the overage on your total bill so if i buy something that is .97 and i have a $1 coupon they give me the .03 off the rest of my bill. they won’t give you the actual money back – you have to have other purchases in your order for it to come off of.

    walgreens is funny about some coupons. if you get register rewards from purchasing a p&g product – when you go the next time to buy something and it is also a p&g product you can only use either a regular manufacturer coupon OR the register reward to pay for the item.

    cvs is the best overall though. you can use any combination of coupons and pay for your order with your extra bucks too. they are an awesome store!

    well, that is the about the wealth of info i have about your subject and thought you needed at least one other post based on your subject today!

    have a great day/night!

  4. What an informative comment Stephanie! You are welcome to write a guest post on this subject anytime you want to. You are a wealth of information!

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