How To Be A Happy Single Mom

happy mom and daughterLearn how to be a happy single mom by having a positive outlook on everything. This is the best teacher for your children at this time. If they know mom is happy and loving life despite the circumstance, they will more than likely not have a warped view on the single parenting life like many people do.

The single life and being a parent can become tricky if you do not know yourself and are insecure. Get to know you and love the inner you. Be comfortable doing many things alone like, going to the movies, out for lunch or spending an evening next to the fireplace. Getting to know yourself involves you being comfortable in your own skin and releasing past baggage that sometimes comes in the form of anger, hate, or resentment. Cleanse the old you and release the new you when you are ready. If you are just now coming out of a relationship, sometimes it helps to not get right back involved in anther one until you have time to reflect and release.

BeingĀ  a happy single mom also involves you knowing that you are not able to provide everything for your child. In other words you cannot be the father and mother for your child. It is highly recommended to keep your children surrounded by positive role models in the family like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This will give them what they need to see in regards to the best qualities of men within their own family.

Be at the point where you are fulfilled and complete without having to have a man. This is great all the way around for everyone. This is good for you because no matter what, you are at peace. It gives your children the opportunity to see you at peace without being desperate or depressed without a man in your life. And also, this attracts some of the best men out there.

How to be a happy single mom takes much positive thinking. Positive thinking involves you only putting positive things in your mind. A positive mind leads to positive actions for your children to implement. It is really that simple. Eventually you will attract what you reflect which is just the icing on the cake!





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4 thoughts on “How To Be A Happy Single Mom

  1. Hi Kathy,well first of all,i would like to tell you after reading this it has opened my eyes!Thank you!i am so scared and now i know i will make it as a single mom.I have 5 children and 4 of them are in their teens!Yea,very scary!!haha..but i know ive been raising my kids the best that i can!And your right,you have to have a positive outlook and believe in yourself!And know we will be alright.With alot of prayers and a positive outlook and love and patience and guidence,i know i will be a great single mom!!I want to thank you for your advice,it has made me feel like their are people out there going threw the same things or have gone threw it successfully!Thank you for caring! Sincerely,Marie

  2. I’m glad to be of encouragement to you Marie. I’ve been there too. Although I didn’t have 5 kids, just 3. But all 3 turned out to be great adults. One is a manager of a bar/restaurant. One is a manager of a hair salon and one is in college studying to be an engineer.

    All you can do is the best you can do. Your kids don’t expect perfection.

  3. I have been a single mum to my daughter for the last 12 years and i can assure you i have more than provided for her. In fact, i’d go as far as saying she’s probably had a lot more support than a lot of her friends who come form a two parent home. You post quotes “not able to provide everything for your child. In other words you cannot be the father and mother for your child”!!!! What an insult to single mums out there. I would say i have probably overcompensated for the fact my daughter dosent have a dad in her life. She’s confident, academic sporty and in fact she’s reprensentated her country in gymnastics so i have so say i find this statement rather insulting and way of the mark!!!!!

    Can someone pleeeeeeese point me to some positive single mum websites and no i’m not ones that assume every single mum is looking for the one – WTF is that all about. Give me a break!!

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