Hoarders-My Secret Weapon

You probably have heard of A&E’s TV show called “Hoarders” right? I know I was riveted to the television the first season of this show. I was fascinated, disgusted and flabbergasted by these people. I mean seriously, how can any sane person live that way?

But many of them do seem quite sane. They hold jobs, they have families. They are ordinary people except for one minor character flaw, which really isn’t so minor.

It affects their relationships. Marriages have been broken up over this. Children have been taken away or got away as soon as they could. These folks are isolated. You can’t really have anyone over for a visit. And in many cases, the smell of their house gets into their clothes and hair and they become isolated in public too.

You just have to wonder how anyone can justify to themselves that it’s okay to live like that.

Have you ever known a real life hoarder? I haven’t. I have often teased my kids and husband. They have a hard time letting anything go, even if it’s broken or no longer useful. I can see where they could easily slip into hoarding if they had some type of trigger. I have gotten to where I will get rid of the junk when they aren’t around, just to get it out of my house.  Most of the time, they would never notice it was gone.

So I guess you are by now wondering by the title, how the Hoarders show is my secret weapon. Well, I have found that whenever I get lazy, or I procrastinate and the house starts to get cluttered, all I have to do is watch an episode of the hoarders. Usually, I can’t even get half way through the show before I’m jumping up out of my chair and am cleaning or organizing.

It always has the same effect on me.  The kids tease me about it. I guess because I can’t actually help these people, this is my way of  doing what I can when I see such rampant clutter and filth.  I don’t know, but that’s as good a guess as any. Whatever it is, it has become my secret weapon for getting my house in order.

So what do you think of this show? Do you know any hoarders?


8 thoughts on “Hoarders-My Secret Weapon

  1. The idea of this being your “secret weapon” is akin to the idea that there is always someone out there that is worse off than you. Finding that person can help us put our lives in a new light, and help keep us away from “the edge.”

    You’ve found a way to harness that icky feeling to motivate yourself. It’s a great idea, and one that can work well in other areas like food waste, poor spending habits, lack of skills with personal finances, inability to save money, and carelessness with respect to individual responsibility for our well-being.

    Thanks for pointing out a great way to get inspired. It’s something we all need.

  2. I have seen the show and it grosses me out. I have clutter. They will bury me under paper clutter…lol. Seriously, though, I do allow my room (I live with a daughter and have a bedroom that is all mine, the rest of the house is shared) to really get cluttered. I blog, I quilt (in a separate building, my shop) and I have some health problems that keep me in the doctor’s frequently. And, I read, write, stay busy.

    The point of all this is: After a little while, I can’t stand it. I go on a cleaning frenzy and even though it takes me two days to do what it used to take two hours, I get it done. I always feel so much better. My daughter has health problems worse than mine and I try to help with the other cleaning, also, especially the kitchen. I love to cook and when able, I’ll scour the kitchen and cook casseroles or something we can eat on for a couple of days. I can not cook in a dirty kitchen. Plus, our dishwasher works.

    Beyond that, I abhor the bathroom that isn’t, well, almost immaculate. That and the kitchen are number one on my list. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get to my bedroom…:) my story, I’m sticking to it. btw, love your blog. I found it today via Tiffany Dow.

  3. I think keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean are the most important.

    Right now my house is pretty organized and clean. Except for my office/studio. It has become the catch-all for all the stuff nobody knows where to store so I have everybody’s junk down here cluttering it up. I just bought several really nice metal organizing drawer units to get me into the mood to clean and organize this room. I can’t feel very productive amidst all this clutter!

  4. I do the same thing when I’m feeling down or unmotivated….it makes me clean during commercials and kicks starts me for the day. 🙂

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