Homemakers Working from Home

woman on computerSo many moms want to be home with their kids but they know finanially they need to be bringing in money.

It’s one thing I think the homemakers of previous generations had better than us. They were able to stay home to raise their kids.

I know there were women who wanted to work outside the home and were not allowed to. Now it seems though the tables have turned. Many women want to be home but can’t be.

The good news is there are jobs and businesses you can do at home. The bad news is they are sometimes hard to find. But scams are plentiful.

First, let me give you this mantra to keep in your head. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t legitimate.

The scams will have you convinced you can make a fortune by doing very little work.  But you will need  to send them $49.99 or whatever as a “processing fee” to get started. Just a warning folks. If they ask for a fee, it’s not legit!

The only exceptions to this is if it’s a party plan type of biz like Avon, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. You will need to buy a sample kit for these type of businesses. And they are legitimate.

Some things may advertise themselves as work at home opportunities and you can make money at them, but the money is so low, it’s not something that you can really do as a job. Mystery shopping and doing online surveys come to mind.

It’s much easier to start your own business than it is to find a job that will allow you to work from home but one thing to keep in mind, if you are starting a business, it will take a while to start turning a profit.

Before you go out there looking for work that you can do at home, get out some paper and pen and make a list. What do you like to do? What are your talents? What do people tell you that you are good at doing? What do/did you do when you were working outside the home?

Now that you have your list, look it over and see if there is anything that can be transferred to a business or job at home.

Are you good at customer service? Well, there are some customer service jobs that can be done from home. The only thing is they do require you to be in a quiet environment. No loud kids, crying babies or barking dogs.

Do you like doing crafts?  You can get your own little online shop on Etsy.com to sell your crafts. I actually do crafts and sell them myself. I don’t sell on Etsy, I have my own website. My crafts are very seasonal so I sell at local craft fairs in the Fall. I have been able to make a fairly good part time income doing this. If my crafts were popular year around, I suspect I could make a full time living at it.

Do you like to write? There is a huge need for good online ghost writers. There are places online such as About.com where you can be paid to write for their site. Or you can start your own website and write on that.  After your site is getting some good traffic, you can monetize it with affiliate links, adsense and/or selling ad space.

Were  (or are) you  an administrative assistant? You can easily transfer that online and be a virtual assistant.

Are you a programmer or have some other techy type job? That can also be easily transferred online. Lots of people need help with their websites or even have a website built.

If you are good in sales and enjoy being with people, one of those party plan type of businesses I mentioned above would be ideal for you.

If you are a fast typist, you can be a general transcriptionist. And if you are a medical or legal transcriptionist, there are plenty of job opportunities you can do from home.

If teaching is your thing, why not try tutoring.

If you are a musician, offer lessons.

If you love kids, start a home daycare. One of my friends makes almost $1000 a week doing this.

Just do some brainstorming.  A few good sites to help you out are wahm.com and WorkAtHomeSuccess.com

Good luck!








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